Mac user. Kudos to me!

17 Nov

Hey. My name is Simona and i’m a Mac user! Hello Simona!

I’m totally going to brag in this post. That’s just a forewarning. My first phone conversation and surfing the net for apps, forums and stuff about Mac experience

And no, not a Mc user, but a MacPro user :))

It was love at first sight. It started out like any typical Monday evening. That exact day, on my way home, i heard on the radio a Mac ad something about a sale in .ro shops. I thought this is interesting since i have been thinking about buying a Mac for a couple of weeks and i should check it out.  The surprise was that the Mac came to me in advance, waiting for me at home, in fact. 😀

A new, shinny, 15” MacBook Pro and a Magic Mouse! kudos to me!!! 7 hours battery on a single charge. shinny and silverish 😀 4 giga ram, still so shinny… coafura rezista :)) enough on the technicals.

I’ve always known that it will come to this.. Lately, since i’ve been overwhelmed by info on Mac, i have a dilemma: should i buy Office for Mac or iWorks? I know that all that starts with an “i” it’s better for Mac, but still.. i’m a hard user of office tools and the last thing i need is compatibility problem on i’ll move documents between iWork and MS Office.  i like iWorks obviously a hell out more – it’s easy to use and looks a tonne better that office!

but i’ve heard that if i work in a  cross platform environment, there is simply no better solution than using a Mac version of Office.. even if it will come  as a surprise and maybe is a little upsetting if you are a Mac centric dude. Office is told to make the job more easier and “faster” than it gets iWorks to convert a doc, prepare it for office compatibility.  phiu and as this wasn’t enough, i heard about a third option NeoOffice..?

Anyway, you should get a glimpse on how my blog looks now on Mac 😀

New Mac ad

And i’m on the move!


One Response to “Mac user. Kudos to me!”

  1. Sorina November 24, 2009 at 12:37 am #

    go for office for mac. it has always been there for me 🙂

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