why…my blog

26 Nov

i donno why, but i feel like saying once more why i am writing this blog, MY blog and why i have this “tune” playing in my writings. it’s not that i justify or explain myself, but it’s a way in which i notice and pay (needed/un-needed) attention to certain pushing opinions that animate bravely my blog 😀

and..i like that, it reminds me why i’m writing, who i’m writing for and why i’m manifesting this way. all these challenges instigate me in a pleasant and kinda twisted way :))))

and call forth certain feelings when receiving feedback on my blog…this is a thought..i’ve received feedback of many kinds on what i’m writing and the most important how i’m writing it, how people understand the manner  in which i’m revealing my life and experiences. on the principle that feedback is a gift, i’m embracing mine as only a gift should be received 😀  (ah..the maturity in this is overhelming, right? :))

My blog was “born” because i needed to word out my feelings, experiences, the situations that i’m coming across to an extend that i release pressure and intrigue my readers to “find” themselves in my stories or relate to them in order to know me better or why not – know me less.

all these without saying it all, by keeping really personal aspects to myself and to those who relate to me, understand me and want to know me.

I talk about “me” in many ways and situations, by not exactly pointing out who i’m referring to, what i did or even thought about etc. this is for those who are interested in finding out more, by simply asking about the “BEHIND SCENES” and the spicy things.

as i said in a previous post, by simply putting the words down on the blog i sometimes find the right answers, my answers, i review my thoughts and reflect on different matters that are brought to my attention or tell the life experiences that i’m going through.

i do not expect everyone to understand me not i want that. i’m ok with my cyclic writing and with my “managerial skills” developed by writing. (different feedback)

First of all i’m writing for myself and if others are interested in my blog, feel free to read it and share opinions that are gladly welcomed, no matter what. This blog offers the means to express myself in all the ways that I am and that others discover me.

it’s not necessary to talk about a,b,c,d or smth like this in order to really put myself there, out on the table. My way it’s even more provocative and challenging, feeding the imagination and the reality-like comparisons.

it’s like “the images in the mirror are closer than they apper” or “any resemblance to reality is purely coincidence” :)))


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