wish, wish, come out wherever/whenever you are!

22 Jan

I keep thinking these days about resolutions, future plans, etc. I made them, but as i read them once more i realise that the list of “resolutions” is nothing more than a common list, which can be done at any certain moment of an year, not only on New Year’s. Not even once i had the courage and patience to compare the list of resolutions with the list of results and achievements by the end of the year, before making some others.

Maybe we make the resolutions in order to have smth to look forward to, to be more focused on what to do or what we expect from the year to come, but we do not take into consideration that this process require us to be more exigent and correct as we don’t need to fool ourselves by the end of the year..

it’s silly. we should wish smth for ourselves every time we have the chance. solve that and wish again some more. for many years i’ve trusted and i’ve put down my own resolutions. from spending more time with my family, plan an yearly work out program, relax more, be with the people that matter to me to most, have more patience, learn smth new or take up some new sport to more philanthropic activities like help others, donate/charity or to more focused resolutions wishes like managing key points life one by one, little by little, maybe i’ll have a clear vision of how i want things to turn out.

what reflections on the changes?! we should reflect the changes as we realise we need them in order to get through things and not lose or neglect things/persons on the way. and this maybe just cannot be changed.

if i had a resolution, my “resolution” would be to WISH ALL THE TIME to improve myself and have the power within me to do so!!

i wish when i stumble upon smth that shakes me in some way, i can change/improve/resolve it then, with no more delays and topics that only FEED the “next year’s resolutions”.

I WISH i have a DAILY WISH to improve myself in all the ways that i am!

so, this is my wish on 22nd January 2010.

Sursa poza


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