Romanian Patient Guide – 13th April 2010 @newsstands

12 Apr

Romanian Patient Guide – Tuesday, 13th April at news stands around the country, with the national newspaper “Jurnalul National” !

(Ghidul Pacientului Roman – Marti, 13 aprilie la chioscurile de ziare din toata tara, cu Jurnalul National)

My company (Houston NPA) launches ‘Romanian Patient Guide’, a new medical publication, addressed to the general public. On 13th April 2010, you can buy the Guide from newsstands around the country, together with the national newspaper ‘Jurnalul National’, at the price of 14,9 ron.

‘Romanian Patient Guide’ is a premium annual publication, 264 pages, presenting 76 patient associations, 30 diseases and thousands of useful pieces of advice regarding one’s health and how one can manage to ‘survive’  in the Romanian health system!

Contains medical information, practical and legislative dossiers, interviews, info on the activity of active Romanian patient associations and why it’s so important for a patient to join and support these associations.  From this one of a kind publication, the general public can learn about the up-to-date legislation regarding the treatments made abroad, about the rights and obligations as a patient or about malpractice or clinical studies.

The issues largely discussed in the Guide were chosen considering the incidence of some affections/diseases in Romania, the problems and day-to-day difficulties faced by Romanian patients  in the public health system, as well as the general degree of medical information owned by the public itself..with is very low comparing to the other European nations.


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