In and out with the OUTDOOR

12 Oct

One advertising channel that i think could be more creatively and more efficiently used is the outdoor.

Why argue about having this…

(Photo credits:

….when you can have this: via

A very creative outdoor campaign. The commercial titled Straw, Billboard was done by MacLAREN McCANN CANADA advertising agency for COCA COLA (COCA-COLA company) in Canada. It was released in the September 2010.

I don’t think that i’ve seen lately one wise and creative outdoor campaign. It’s a medium of high influence, offers traffic and visibility like hell and you can “follow” your consumer. Of course, it has to be eye-catchy, to have that distinguished function to wisely make use of the space (that we have it anywayz) and make enough buzz around the campaign and around the product thus communicated. have great impact on the perceptive and the behavioral plans in order raise interest in buying if they are coherent, interesting and creative.

Why make populist arguments to interdict the outdoor on the principle that outdoors look ugly on the “beautiful” and “recently renovated” buildings and the much so greyish buildings? why be so damn narrow minded? can this be because we don’t have a single outdoor campaign and when we think about it it still makes us smile or meditate upon it?

There are places in this entire world where every space counts and most of the outdoor campaigns use this opportunity to make people feel good when they see the ad, make them laugh or make them think at something? and this doesn’t happen if you put a car (for ex), a price and a headline…

This year was made the first study on outdoor commercials and their impact. D&D Research showed that 84% of the respondents have a positive attitude towards the street advertising, considering this kind of commercials to be useful and with the role to inform of what’s new on the market. Nothing on how creative we think now is the advertising area or how much/little they make use of the space and the locations where they are put, or on if they grow brand awareness or not.

The outdoor advertising is growing continuously and should push companies to realize strong and with impact campaigns to deliver emotion and attachment in the public space. Maybe this is the reason why this year, for the first time, Clear Channel International sponsored the 2010 edition of Cannes Lions 2010. And maybe that’s why Coca Cola is still sitting on the facade of the Picadilly Circus in London since 1955, the greatest outdoor LED facade in Europe.


2 Responses to “In and out with the OUTDOOR”

  1. tooth fairy October 13, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    Sincerely, outdoor is one of my least favorite communication channels on our market. The main reason and a very personal one is that our city is ugly enough (architecturally speaking), we just make it even worse putting all these billboards EVERYWHERE. How many beautiful cities covered with outdoor have you seen in western Europe? Most of them limit the outdoor presence to meshes (in particular places) and bus shelters. We have billboards, led screens, rolling shits; all these outdoor companies managed to get authorizations for placing their panels in people’s courtyards, in places where they cover traffic signs etc.
    Second: i didn’t read the research made by D&D but, as far as i know, you cannot really measure how many people see your ad and how many of them will interact with your product due to their exposure to this medium. So, especially now, when we’re passing through this economical crisis, managers need to measure their investments in advertising, so they rather invest in mediums with clearly measurable results.
    Yes, it can be funny. But hey, think about the advertising level in Romania – it is reflected in every medium, including outdoor 🙂

  2. pinklabel October 13, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    don’t understand me wrong..i don’t make a case for OOH. i simply say that it can be better, more creative and more logical by taking into consideration the location and the scenery on the whole!

    it’s true that most of the ooh ads are ugly and make no sense at all, they just “check the ooh button” on a campaign, so they say we have an outdoor mark as well..

    in ro oohs are bad, sometimes very bad and don’t attract any attention whatsoever. the locations are bad and out there is like a jungle of bad and wrong-placed oohs. some of them are put on historical buildings and downtown, where oohs only get ugly the place.

    i think that in Ro, like many other things, ooh was wrongly understood and wrongly used: the city hall and many advertisers were convinced that you can put anywhere an outdoor ad! that’s why we’ve started to have oohs on historical buildings, on apartment buildings (with their approval), downtown, etc …. with absolutely no logic for the scenery and the surroundings !!
    but, in civilized cities, ooh commercials play a great role with many zeros brought to the central administrations.
    and like i said..just think of the picadilly circus area in london or times square in NY..

    In ro, if we have ooh, it needs to benefit more from locations that already are designed for that purpose or locations that are empty and don’t have any purpose at all.
    it think that this could help ooh get on “the good side of advertising”, make people smile and make products sell by simply being interesting 🙂

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