a “nice” per day

24 Jan

Saturday (last weekend) when i got up i stared at the snowfall for a couple of minutes, gazing at the snowflakes and how they touched the window.  and then i realised “gosh, how i missed this moment and nearly missed it again. literally!” afterwords, i fell asleep more calm and lighthearted than ever. rarely we take some time for ourselves and for the world around us. we take everything for granted and don’t have the time to enjoy the beautiful things that are laid in front of us, just as that. we crave for the most twisted and complicated things that some kind seem beautiful to us and amazing and ignore what’s THERE, NEAR, for us to take.

so that was my nice thing for the weekend. in fact, was the nicest among other nice happenings 🙂

so,  i launch a new category on my blog – A ‘nice’ per day.


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