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think bigGer, think superpowers, PLAY!

8 Dec

I always was more of a think bigGer fan than of think big, a cliche nowadays..think bigger is related for me to always find new ideas, new ways to interact and to stay focused, by staying “deviated” all the time 🙂 I cannot explain, but i think that i find balance when i get myself in all sorts of scenarios and situations. Then I force myself to come up with a solution, a plan to see it through. I don’t run from happenings in my life, i create them, encourage and embrace the need for fresh and intense interactions, that evolve one step at a time, revealing new possibilities every step.

This is why i registered to take part in an exciting activity this weekend, first of its kind in Bucharest.  GAME DESIGN LAB. not a workshop, not a training, but a funshop, a 48hours challenge to put together a live multi-player game. You learn to embrace the power of collaboration and play to overcome the challenges in your projects.

Everybody has its own superpowers and everybody is a hero of some kind. When you play, everything falls under a new perspective, any quality or skill can become superpowers when used right, under any personality can hide a hero, every little thing you have in hand can be used as a new resource that gives you a push to play further. And by the playmakers’ superpowers combined, we design a GAME.

From the registration form, these guys set their mind to determine me to focus more and be conscious of the way i am, of how i want to play, of what i can put and bring out there, for others to create upon and construct further on.

I had to ask myself what’s my superpower. Everybody should do that. We are who we are, but it’s hard to see our qualities, abilities, not to mention…pick out from ‘the bunch’ what can be named and considered a superpower. It can be like in marketing -the concept of  market positioning. Define a superpower you have, that others didn’t name it yet and it’s yours to keep, master and PLAY with it. and SHARE it, of couse, for the greater good of the GAME.

What superpower are you going to share with us during the game lab?

 – being myself and being able to let myself go in the same time. Sometimes i look like sleepwalking through my life and sometimes i am more sober and capable that i ever thought i could be.

– finding always more goods than bads. when less fortunate things happen, i find the courage and power to congratulate myself because I went through this by making the best of it. 

Not sure my superpowers sound for all of us like superpowers, but for me they are because being myself like this have sorted out some crisis only a superpower could have. I undertake this lab with the desire to develop myself by experiencing life and undertaking its quests, trying to follow freshly designed paths. by PLAYING in a word.

I always play around. my entire life is about playing, about games and crazy sports, about all sort of activities that fulfill and give me energy, that keep me focused at work, be keeping me focused on BEING ME the rest of the time. All this time i kept and thought of the two plans as two separate things: playing as the engine for my personal life and …well jobbing. Maybe it’s time to reorganize and rethink this as two plans that can benefit from one to another. What if playing, gaming can improve my professional life? how do i do this? what are my tools, who are my team players? what new territories can i discover?


From the 8 principles of fun – it’s not necessary for people to have fun when doing everything, but life is better and maybe great when you have fun doing anything.




28 Mar


I’m sending this letter because i’m just worried about you.I know that from the beginning of this year you’ve been in a limbo phase and wanted to check up on you. These couple of months have been rather rough and edgy, you’ve been living life as you always wanted, intense, with many ups (and also downs), but with difficult choices, with experimental situations, but hey, that’s WHO YOU ARE. You keep saying this, but this doesn’t absolve you for every mess and complicated situation that you get yourself into or even find yourself in (when it already escaped from your control). It doesn’t free you from guilt or blame or their consequences.. someday you will just have to face the facts, face WHAT YOU WANT and stop being afraid of taking ONE MORE HARD&DIFFICULT CHOICE.

You attract many complicated situations and then you find yourself tangled, having no plan whatsoever, getting a hand of all these as you roll. Yes, that is who you are, but everyone should check up on himself once in a while and draw a between-phases conclusion.

Since i know you, you’ve always been between one or more complicated situations: either the choice was simple/dramatic maybe, or far/near, or permanent/temporary, etc you’ve been struggling for something and didn’t quite feel at ease with all your choices in the long run.

You are appearing and acting egoistic, doing everything that comes to your head, without considering all the facts and implications. you just do, act, live your life no matter what the costs “of living” like this are. I see through you. you aren’t THAT egoistic as you would like to be or would like to appear. If you were like that, you wouldn’t have struggled after taking the tougher choices, always questioning yourself on the side, seeing if you really can reward yourself with a “thumbs up” smiley..

You are egoistic and independent to an extend that you act on intuition and emotion rather on logic and don’t consider anyone or anything on the side, like a bull aiming for the red color. IN THEORY, you would like things to be more simple, but you are almost certain that this won’t turn you on or won’t keep you interested in the long run. You LOOK for complicated things, need that adrenaline rush from these on-the-edge-situations almost as you need snowboarding, paragliding, kitesurfing and motorcycling stuff!

I know you can take up and cope with any situation, because you find ANY EXPERIENCE WORTH TAKING AND RISKING in order to learn something new about yourself and about the others involved. what went wrong, what was good and, like any optimistic, you find always more goods than bads. in some almost twisted way you find the courage and power (!!) to congratulate yourself because you went through this.

You put yourself out there and learn on the move about you and about what you want. this may be a good thing. I always considered yourself to be more of a person who better regrets doing something at a certain moment (when THIS choice appeared to be the BEST ONE) than regretting NOT doing something, sometime. But this also may mean a bad thing. without mentioning that you can hurt exactly the people that you don’t want to hurt. You learn about what you want on the move, as you seek to keep up with every change in your life, learn about yourself … only being yourself and by letting yourself go at the same time.. sometimes you look like sleepwalking through your life and sometimes you are more sober and able that you ever thought you could be…

You are now scared of the many things that can go wrong AND of the many things that can go OK, but seem to be wrong also..Curiosity, emotion and this need of yours to discover new experiences and new limits got you here in the first place..

Clear out your head, lighted up and you should discover what you want and really need. Take the Paris trip as an opportunity both to forget and to consider yourself and yr impact on others. Do not overthink it or hesitate and be superficial. Let go and then maybe everything looks more simple. You are at a difficult crossroad and it’s high time you acknowledge that and act for damage control or just …be in control.

Keep me posted, hope to hear good news! whatever good news may mean at this time 😉



Paris avec les filles!

23 Mar

Les ingredients clés pour une escapade magnifique à Paris:

  1. Paris au printemps
  2. 4 filles
  3. soirées mélomanes & dansantes
  4. photos
  5. mini-jupes & talons hauts /ballerines
  6. Paris la nuit
  7. promenades le long de la seine – champagne, chocolat, crepes
  8. nouveaux amis
  9. pique-niquer dans les parcs
  10. bonne humeur!!

PS:  J’ai trouvé quelques bons conseils sur – – génial!

Les actualités et commentaires à venir prochainement!

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Paris (Ooh La La)

Envie de paris

8 Mar

prochainement – Paris escapade avec les filles 🙂

through a theater phase

3 Feb

from the creators of “a NICE per day”…. :)))

I guess i’m going through a theater phase these couple of weeks. Although I did some dabbling in theatre a couple of years ago, i haven’t thought of myself as a frequent theatre goer.  i’m more of a movie-person than a theater-person, but not because i don’t love plays as much as films, but it’s actually a strive to catch a good and honest ticket at the theater nowadays. it’s quite a hunting experience.

I love the feeling at the exit from a play. is very different, like the play itself was a marvel and you must behold it as long as you can. everything is so life like and you can probably find yourself in most of the situations depicted..i realise that theatre is so rich in what it offers and i guess, when i’m going, that i’m kinda envious on their world all together, but glad to be a part of it for a while and catch that feeling of “the world’s a stage..”

movie nights are always fun when Orange Wednesdays happens and you can see all the cinemas full and crowded…for a Wednesday night. Theatres are just as full and getting a ticket is a time costing adventure, but when you think of it, can make worth your while much more than a movie does, theater can reflect ideas and situations in a way that the film and tv industries simply can not.  And suddenly, after hunting the theatre ticket so much and looking forward to some play, it even becomes oddly affordable 🙂

So, i think i came across an addiction or something, i can’t help myself looking for more tickets at different plays:)

in the last month or so i’ve seen:

Doctori de femei – great comedy of situations, yet very unusual location for a play; freakish audience (not really theater goers, but the ones who enjoy very-easy-to-digest comedy TV shows). the end of the play finds you in high spirits. so that’s a real push to go and see it.

Crima la Howard Johnson – ok for a play, a little lower on jokes than the previous one. same location which is a turnoff in some way

Fantoma, dragostea mea! – seen it on a going-out-with-my-mom night 🙂 definitely a nice and easy play, full of humor. the actors are great, in fact Marius Florea Vizante kinda surprised me throughout the play, a remarkable acting experience ! the play made me feel exultantly joyful. seen it at the only project based theater in Bucharest, Metropolis.

and ..coming up next (i have already tickets for):

Straini in noapte – to be continued


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a “nice” per day

24 Jan

Saturday (last weekend) when i got up i stared at the snowfall for a couple of minutes, gazing at the snowflakes and how they touched the window.  and then i realised “gosh, how i missed this moment and nearly missed it again. literally!” afterwords, i fell asleep more calm and lighthearted than ever. rarely we take some time for ourselves and for the world around us. we take everything for granted and don’t have the time to enjoy the beautiful things that are laid in front of us, just as that. we crave for the most twisted and complicated things that some kind seem beautiful to us and amazing and ignore what’s THERE, NEAR, for us to take.

so that was my nice thing for the weekend. in fact, was the nicest among other nice happenings 🙂

so,  i launch a new category on my blog – A ‘nice’ per day.