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Guns N’ Roses rocked the Paradise City Bucharest 21.09.10

23 Sep

After waiting too many years to see live Guns N’ Roses finally they came to Romania. After buying a FALSE ticket to Golden Circle and realized on the day of the concert that it was FAKE, we had to improvise and to figure out a new way in ๐Ÿ™‚ Golden Circle or not and with money on the tickets already lost. such a rush! we managed to find invitations and there we were! The long awaited hard rock group..on their songs i danced on tables in highschool and in the first year of college..

After waiting 2 hours from the announced hour for the GnR, the crowd was irritated, anxious, cold and eager to go home. GnR started at 22:20 pm instead of 20 pm..Touring to promote their last album ‘Chinese Democracy’, their first songs weren’t exactly on their style (but not bad) and didn’t sound so ‘warming’ on a bored and almost stoned cold the first hour of the show looked like it let the public down and Axl didn’t look to be in shape and with a “i have to do this” figure..

After the first hour everything changes, the people started to warm up and feel the GnR songs that reminded them of the ‘golden years’.

The last hour of the show was GREAT, with Axl singing ‘paradise city’, november rain, sweet child of mine, don’t cry, knocking on heaven’s door, welcome to the jungle.. The new team, with top musicians like DJ Ashba, sounds very good and Axl, though kinda worn out, still has the show-making in his hands and he was awesome and in shape! Some should first listen to Ashba’s solos on youtube and then talk about his experience and his right to be on GnR. he is damn good. The live solo performancesย  in the show were totally good!

GnR interacted with the public very well, though i can’t say that for all the big rock groups that already checked Romania. I must say that i was really impressed by the 2 hours and a half show and really moved when he picked up the Romanian flag. it’s a small thing and we really should be thankful ’cause he recognized the flag and that he knew which country he was in and didn’t salute with ‘Hello Budapest!’ like others did throughout the years…

I stayed at the Golden Circle, close to VIP section. the stage was rather small for a concert like this and from the Normal Circle no one could see too much of the show, especially because the screens were too small and some of them were there to show commercials at Vodafone.

There were many down sides in the concert’s organization, but overall i was glad to be at the CONCERT and to see live Axl and the crew. not to mention to experience thrills down my spine when i heard the songs that shook my adolescence and that the songs which i still sing with pleasure and dedication almost every time at karaoke ๐Ÿ™‚

From my point of view, after the delay of 2 hours, many of the people there didn’t give a chance to the concert and to GnR. it’s true that it’s awful to appear after 2 hours in front of your fans ..buuuut as a fanย  you should be there and be square and have the time to listen to the concert until the end. from respect to GnR.

I think that those who left after an hour didn’t know where they really were and who’s concert that really was. They were touring for their last album and most of the crowd thought what? that they will start with singing Knocking on heaven’s door in order for them to recognize ONE song? come on..

Axl and Co put on a show that really worth the 2 hours wait!ย  a 2 hours and a half show and the scene with the flag denoted respect for the public. Everybody who left at THE END of the concert was thrilled and forgot about the delay, the bad organization, the queues at the beer, the little screens, the few eco toilettes, and so on..

Axl was extraordinary and respected the public, being probably conscious about the delay and the uuuuu-s from the beginning. which were very few and dispersed as compared to the one’s “received” at their Dublin show.

What are we talking about?! we are talking about GnR, a group like Metallica, AC/DC which electrified generations! we were there for the concert itself and i didn’t care too much of the offset…Axl stays Axl with or without Slash or Duff or with or without organizations inconveniences…btw, i think i was lucky to stay in the Golden Circle and those who stayed in the NC couldn’t see nor hear too much.that was the general impression, at least. What D&D East Entertainment didn’t understand was that even if you sweat and bring a group like GnR in Romania, you still have to think about your ticket buyer, to try to please him by all means and by taking into consideration all possibilities and that he has to HEAR and SEE from all price ranges!


long time no write

3 Nov

And it’s not only because i didn’t have the time, but also i wasn’t in the mood…

i’ve just found out that Pink Martini will be for the second concert in Romania, on the 22 Nov..i think i might go, i like them, especially the oldie “Sympathique” (aka Je ne veux pas travailler..). anywayz, i’ve noticed that the tickets aren’t available anymore, but hope i know somebody who knows somebody else and so on.. ๐Ÿ™‚


Oficial ne reprofilam :)

15 Jun

“Reprezentantii Depeche Mode au anuntat oficial ca trupa nu va putea reprograma niciunul dintre concertele open-air anulate in perioada 12 mai – 8 iunie, printre acestea numarandu-se si cel de la Bucuresti. Fanii care si-au cumparat bilete pentru spectacolul programat initial pentru data de 16 mai au posibilitatea de a recupera valoarea acestora sau de a le preschimba cu bilete Bโ€™ESTFEST, la tarife speciale.”

mda. n-a fost sa fie. am sperat pana in ultimul moment, e cazul sa ne reprofilam ๐Ÿ™‚

Acum am o dilema – the Killers, Franz Ferdinand sau banii inapoi ca vine THE MISSION peste noi acush?ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ cred ca prima optiune, pt The Mission fiind pastrat oricum un loc special in portofel ๐Ÿ™‚

Pana una alta, weekendul urmator astept un concert de lipovence la Gura Portitei ๐Ÿ™‚


18 Mar

Am luat bilete la DM!

Prima data cand s-au pus in vanzare, prin octombrie 08 mi se pare, nici nu m-am dezmeticit ca s-au si epuizat in mai putin de o luna!

Ieri, in drumul de 10 min spre birou, am auzit la radio ca S-AU SUPLIMENTAT BILETELE LA DM pe gazon si tribuna VIP cu un total de 2.000 bilete! deci, in 15 minute la mine pe monitor apare site-ul si “finalizeaza comanda” ๐Ÿ™‚

yey! Depeche la Bucuresti si in sfarsit in vad si eu ๐Ÿ™‚

Mi-am adus aminte cum, prin 90-93 asa, erau doua tabere: fanii Metallica si fanii Depeche… atunci vreau sa ii vad!

Urmeaza biletele la B’EST FEST, sa vedem ce zile, dar clar aia cu the Killers … for now anyway.

Poate si Madonna, dar prefer sa fiu in concediu atunci ๐Ÿ™‚

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode


17 Jan

De curand s-a lansat – un site de unde poti afla toate date si info despre toate evenimentele muzicale din Romania. Laudabila initiativa, mai ales ca pana acum nu exista niciun site care sa afiseze toate concertele, ci doar site-urile de vanzare bilete…Felicitari Lucian pentru iconcert! ๐Ÿ™‚

Abia astept concertul the Rasmus din Hard Rock Cafe din 16 februarie!! Abia astept In the shadows si F-F-Falling siย  pe care SPER sa le cante, chiar daca e concert de promovare al albumului “Black Roses”! De pe noul album – Living in a world without you. Am fost la un singur concert in HRC si nu mi se pare cea mai buna alegere pt un concert The Rasmus, avand in vedere ca The Rasmus au mai concertat in Romania in anul 2007, in cadrul festivalului Coke Live. O scena muuult mai potrivita.

In deschiderea concertului The Rasmus de la HRC va canta Kerli (-interesanta alegere), cunoscuta prin single-ul “Walking on air”.

Ce mi-a atras atentia pe iconcert e si Punk Rock Underfest 4, pe 13 februarie, la Fabrica. Cred ca merita, mai ales capul de afis al festivalului-No Use for a Name.


16 Apr

Concert IRIS 14 aprilie Live Club

A iesit foarte bine, a fost si mai multa lume decat la Compact. Intr-adevar, IRIS are fanii sai. Nu mai zic ca Roxana se pune cat 15 mii de fani la un loc! Era toata un zambet! Se vede si in poze. Iar daca eu am facut semnul rockului nu mi-am inselat “credintele muzicale” , ci doar ii apreciez foarte mult pe oamenii astia de la Iris. Cantam din tot sufletul si m-am simtit extraordinar! Prima poza e facuta de un prieten de-al Roxanei, iar a doua e cu telefonul meu si a iesit nesperat de bine.

“Se poate sa facem o poza cu dvs?” “Da, dar ai bani? “Nu, dar am bere”. “Atunci hai! :))”

iris-1.jpg iris-2.jpg

Full weekend

7 Apr

Concert COMPACT@Live Club

Ce inseamna Compact pentru mine? Inseamna 4 ani la Sighisoara cand adormeam in cort pe muzica lor. Nici nu realizam pana cand au inceput concertul de cat de multe melodii imi aduceam aminte! Super concert, a iesit bine. Sunt mandra de cum ne-a iesit organizarea. Nu au fost exagerat de multi oameni, deci a fost ok. Ceea ce m-a surprins a fost un tip care a venit tocmai din Timisoara pentru a-i vedea pe cei de la Compact in Live Club. Si eu migrez pentru concerte mari, dar baiatul asta chiar m-a surprins. In plus, nu era un mega concert, ci era un concert intr-un club. E adevarat ca cei de la Compact sunt cam scumpi la vedere, deci probabil ca asta l-a montat si mai mult sa vina sa-i vada. Au fost scosi la vreo 3 bisuri, nu se mai satura lumea, de parca abia incepuse concertul. Nici nu mi-am dat seama cand s-a terminat, ca in timpul concertului am cantat si dansat o groaza.

Ah, era sa uit! Va astept in Live Club la concertul extraordinar IRIS de sambata, 14 aprilie. Roxana e in delir de pe acum. Prietenii stiu de ce ๐Ÿ™‚

Si acum, cateva poze de la Compact:

compact-live-club-1.jpg compact-live-club-3jpg.jpg


Dupa vineri, urmeaza sambata, iar iarna nu-i ca vara ๐Ÿ™‚ Above&Beyond sunt niste baieti pe care ii asteptam de foooarte multa vreme. Mi s-au inmuiat picioarele la “Can’t sleep” si “No one on Earth”, dar mai ales la “Touch me”, Cassandra Fox.

A fost o atmosfera super, se vede si din pozele facute cu telefonul meu care au iesit nesperat de bine!

01042007140.jpg 01042007127.jpg 01042007135.jpg