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relationship on. relationship off. hair and Fb status – checked!

21 Apr

i must admit that almost daily i’m surprised how much the social-networking sites changed our lives. it may sound platonic, but we need more and more (and acknowledge that need) to tell people (real friends/acquaintances, Fb friends, maybe to our entire 500+ list..etc) what we do that exact moment, what’s going through our pretty little heads, where we are, who we are with in terms of mates, what we recommend, job related twits and status updates…and the ‘new and exciting trend’ to reveal who we have a relationship with!

i mean come on! i’m a fan for putting myself ‘there’, so anyone can read my blog, see my pics, keep track of my status updates… I’m ok with that, that’s who i am, the PR in me needs to communicate, to reveal my experiences and life provocations, my ideas and resolutions.. All of these addressed to whom it may concern, of course..not to mention that is mainly and foremost a selfish way to escape of everything that crosses my mind, by writing it down.

I can live with news updates, simple posting..and enjoy them..but should i change my status the minute i’m in a relationship so everyone can see and know that? should i keep it simple by not mentioning anything at all? or should i select single or in a relationship with if that’s the case?

WHY, but why should i do that? why should i have a marital status selected?

Isn’t it enough that my friends keep anywayz track of me and the other people curiosities aren’t that important to me? .. the rest of the Fb “friends” being on “need-to-know basis”?!

there’s a catch in all of them: (not discussing here the engaged and married status-i think they are more plausible and actually more palpable..they are a distinct category namely because the changing of marital status comes when the big change is actually going on!)

– if i state i’m single, it’s clear = i’m looking for somebody and i MUST be known as single and unattached. i’m a party loving character and a some sort relationship seeker, eagerly want to keep all of my options open in order not to miss something on the horizon. Maybe i’ve just got out of a tight and kinda restrictive relationship and NOW i must whistle to everybody that i’m on the market again! surely when i’ll start a new relationship (or at least an attempt for one) and my new gf/bf notices my single status and asks me why i haven’t changed yet – and i say: ‘this old thingy? come on..this means nothing to me, i forgot to change it, baby’, but in fact i’ve delayed the moment of the conversation how long i’ve could.

– if i state i’m in a relationship with...= it means i want to “shout, let it all out, these are the things I CAN’T do without. come on, i’m talking not just to you, but to everybody!” i’m currently unavailable, so don’t you perform any kind of moves on me! i like to keep me and my gf/bf satisfied that he/she is the only one for me. You know, these days girls really dig this kind of “social-networking loyalty”.

– If somebody finally decides that’s high time to have such an in a relationship with .. status maybe he should think of the time when he isn’t in a relationship no more. i’m not pessimistic, nut realistic at the idea of changing from ‘in a relationship with‘ to again ‘single’ strengthens my point one “single status” insight of being on the market again!

Once you’ve acknowledged and announced that you are WITH somebody, you MUST announce again that you are now single, because everyone might remain with the first impression in their heads and you send mixed ideas when you make a hit on smbd!

It’s like putting tones of pics (or just one, the feeling is the same) with your “new and improved” and if the relationship turns 180 you may come to a time when you feel the NEED to pull out from your profile all those once happy-times-pics. not so bad and drastic, but it’s a step you don’t have to make if you didn’t once tigh yourself up when it wasn’t the time. pics there are cute all the way, until they aren’t anymore. simple as that and pointless effort, so i’ve learned..

why it’s so much of a big deal to state your status? isn’t it more simple not saying anything – pleaseee at least give me this! it’s enough that on Fb, twitter, messenger we update and change our status as we change our hair, like in the vodafone ad..but come on, does all my life needs to BE out there?

and no, i’m not using Facebook for reasons other than communicating with friends and be in the loop with their activities, events etc. if that thought crossed your mind! THIS is NOT a reason for selecting and changing your status!! i don’t believe that not so ever!

I don’t hide from others, i purely don’t like that this distinct and important part of my life (either in a relationship or single, both status are important) to be public as well and simply just be displayed there by clicking 2 buttons..

Maybe can be more to it than a status change and maybe a status change again (if you become single again :)). i for one think that “significant others” should feel important and special from other reasons, not a FB status change!

Accidentally i found on Mashable a very funny youtube movie stating how much fashionable is the marital status change!


After seeing plenty of Twittered marriage proposals, but a recent video posted to YouTube takes the cake for the most unconventional Twitter and Facebook updates:


Lepse primite de dupa bloGuri

9 Mar

Am primit leapsa! nu pot sa ma cocotz ca sa scap, nu pot sa zic o culoare, nici contra-piua, deci trebuie sa raspund 🙂 Pentru Miezu’ cu dedicatieeeeee, voi raspunde la amandoua! 😀

Ambele via Miezu’



– Go to Wikipedia. Hit “random”. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band

– Go to Random quotations. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

– Go to Flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

‘Sooooo, may i present now on TRL, the new teen idols (or not) ! ! :))…..THE AGE OF LOVE live audition! their first album – Advice is worth the price!’

Thank you very much America! i thank my fans who bought my album, who trusted in us, i thank my WIKI which created us and my designer Flickr who gave us all the moral and financial support!

WE LOVE YOU and NOW IS THE AGE OF LOVE coming up, so stay tunned!

The Age of Love

The Age of Love

Name of the band: The Age of Love. (culmea, cica e un single Scooter..)

Name of the first album: Advice is worth the price


Trebuie sa zic 14 chestii despre mine si voi trebuie sa imi spuneti care sunt adevarate si care nu – pls comment and try not to peek at the other comments 🙂 fun, right?

So, here goes EU!

1. Daca as avea o putere, mi-ar placea sa pot sa zbor si sa citesc gandurile oamenilor.

2. Mananc pizza cu multe ciuperci.

3. In liceu am venit intr-o zi cu buza umflata dupa o competitie.

4. Florile mele preferate sunt freziile.

5. Imi place viteza.

6. Mi se spune Musonica.

7. Tara in care m-as muta e Suedia.

8. Fac colectie de magneti de frigider.

9. Inainte de licenta am ascultat cimpoaie.

10. Imi dezvolt pasiunea pentru motociclism.

11. Nu m-am batut niciodata cu fratele meu.

12. Ma consider medium.

13. Am visat in anul 4 subiectele pentru un examen.

14. Am multa rabdare.

Leapsa merge mai departe la:





Ready to buy list

3 Mar

Fustitele sunt facute de Adelina Balut, un designer care promoveaza stilurile urbane si Harajuku. Am cunoscut-o la MGB si mi-au placut foarte mult creatiile ei, asa ca le-am trecut pe wishlist si, intr-o saptamana le trec si in sifonier, comanda e pe vine… 🙂

Imi place foarte mult stilul hainutelor create de ea, iti dau senzatia de libertate, poveste si imaginatie. DE ATITUDINE. In special apreciez imbinarea lucrusoarelor: materiale pictate, nasturi aplicati, curele, piele, dantele, etc.

Una dintre fustitele comandate va iesi in lume la concetul Tiesto de pe 21 martie. 🙂

May i present…

The button Skirt


The Story Skirt



17 Jan

De curand s-a lansat – un site de unde poti afla toate date si info despre toate evenimentele muzicale din Romania. Laudabila initiativa, mai ales ca pana acum nu exista niciun site care sa afiseze toate concertele, ci doar site-urile de vanzare bilete…Felicitari Lucian pentru iconcert! 🙂

Abia astept concertul the Rasmus din Hard Rock Cafe din 16 februarie!! Abia astept In the shadows si F-F-Falling si  pe care SPER sa le cante, chiar daca e concert de promovare al albumului “Black Roses”! De pe noul album – Living in a world without you. Am fost la un singur concert in HRC si nu mi se pare cea mai buna alegere pt un concert The Rasmus, avand in vedere ca The Rasmus au mai concertat in Romania in anul 2007, in cadrul festivalului Coke Live. O scena muuult mai potrivita.

In deschiderea concertului The Rasmus de la HRC va canta Kerli (-interesanta alegere), cunoscuta prin single-ul “Walking on air”.

Ce mi-a atras atentia pe iconcert e si Punk Rock Underfest 4, pe 13 februarie, la Fabrica. Cred ca merita, mai ales capul de afis al festivalului-No Use for a Name.