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Guns N’ Roses rocked the Paradise City Bucharest 21.09.10

23 Sep

After waiting too many years to see live Guns N’ Roses finally they came to Romania. After buying a FALSE ticket to Golden Circle and realized on the day of the concert that it was FAKE, we had to improvise and to figure out a new way in 🙂 Golden Circle or not and with money on the tickets already lost. such a rush! we managed to find invitations and there we were! The long awaited hard rock group..on their songs i danced on tables in highschool and in the first year of college..

After waiting 2 hours from the announced hour for the GnR, the crowd was irritated, anxious, cold and eager to go home. GnR started at 22:20 pm instead of 20 pm..Touring to promote their last album ‘Chinese Democracy’, their first songs weren’t exactly on their style (but not bad) and didn’t sound so ‘warming’ on a bored and almost stoned cold the first hour of the show looked like it let the public down and Axl didn’t look to be in shape and with a “i have to do this” figure..

After the first hour everything changes, the people started to warm up and feel the GnR songs that reminded them of the ‘golden years’.

The last hour of the show was GREAT, with Axl singing ‘paradise city’, november rain, sweet child of mine, don’t cry, knocking on heaven’s door, welcome to the jungle.. The new team, with top musicians like DJ Ashba, sounds very good and Axl, though kinda worn out, still has the show-making in his hands and he was awesome and in shape! Some should first listen to Ashba’s solos on youtube and then talk about his experience and his right to be on GnR. he is damn good. The live solo performances  in the show were totally good!

GnR interacted with the public very well, though i can’t say that for all the big rock groups that already checked Romania. I must say that i was really impressed by the 2 hours and a half show and really moved when he picked up the Romanian flag. it’s a small thing and we really should be thankful ’cause he recognized the flag and that he knew which country he was in and didn’t salute with ‘Hello Budapest!’ like others did throughout the years…

I stayed at the Golden Circle, close to VIP section. the stage was rather small for a concert like this and from the Normal Circle no one could see too much of the show, especially because the screens were too small and some of them were there to show commercials at Vodafone.

There were many down sides in the concert’s organization, but overall i was glad to be at the CONCERT and to see live Axl and the crew. not to mention to experience thrills down my spine when i heard the songs that shook my adolescence and that the songs which i still sing with pleasure and dedication almost every time at karaoke 🙂

From my point of view, after the delay of 2 hours, many of the people there didn’t give a chance to the concert and to GnR. it’s true that it’s awful to appear after 2 hours in front of your fans ..buuuut as a fan  you should be there and be square and have the time to listen to the concert until the end. from respect to GnR.

I think that those who left after an hour didn’t know where they really were and who’s concert that really was. They were touring for their last album and most of the crowd thought what? that they will start with singing Knocking on heaven’s door in order for them to recognize ONE song? come on..

Axl and Co put on a show that really worth the 2 hours wait!  a 2 hours and a half show and the scene with the flag denoted respect for the public. Everybody who left at THE END of the concert was thrilled and forgot about the delay, the bad organization, the queues at the beer, the little screens, the few eco toilettes, and so on..

Axl was extraordinary and respected the public, being probably conscious about the delay and the uuuuu-s from the beginning. which were very few and dispersed as compared to the one’s “received” at their Dublin show.

What are we talking about?! we are talking about GnR, a group like Metallica, AC/DC which electrified generations! we were there for the concert itself and i didn’t care too much of the offset…Axl stays Axl with or without Slash or Duff or with or without organizations inconveniences…btw, i think i was lucky to stay in the Golden Circle and those who stayed in the NC couldn’t see nor hear too much.that was the general impression, at least. What D&D East Entertainment didn’t understand was that even if you sweat and bring a group like GnR in Romania, you still have to think about your ticket buyer, to try to please him by all means and by taking into consideration all possibilities and that he has to HEAR and SEE from all price ranges!


Flash news

26 Aug

Am luat permisul pentru A! hooray!

Dupa vreo 4 luni de scoala (multe pauze, intreruperi, concediu) am reusit sa ma programez si sa iau sala+traseu (azi, la Ilioara)!

A fost o scoala muncita, fugarita cand de la serviciu spre moto cand invers! nu ma grabeam sa fac repede repede scoala si sa ma stresez intr-o luna ca oricum motoreta pana in nov-dec nu pot sa imi iau. Deci de acum, pentru ziua mea si de Craciun, pe wish list trec un kit de lant, un cauciuc, niste oglinzi, niste genunchere, ORICE! :)) poate il fac din puzzle asa :))

Saluti bani aruncati pe haine si alte distractii, acum strangem cureaua, oricum destul de stransa dupa concediu asta asa prelungit si cheltuielile de scoala, echipament etc! 🙂

Dar acum am un nou target…nu de vanzari, ci de economii! :)) culmea!

Cat despre scoala, o recomand cu placere mai departe! Este vb de scoala lui Cristi Bratovici din Sema Park. Sunt 2 instructori foarte de treaba, rabdatori si de incredere (Cristi si Bobita). Faci pana reciti pe de rost traseul de examen si faci si indemanare, atat cat se poate face intr-un poligon. Au motorete ok, favoritul meu ramane TW-ul care era zdravan pentru traseele de indemanare. E mai scumpa scoala aici decat in alte locuri, dar merita.

in rest, asfalt uscat! 😀

Back from Portugal!

20 Aug

Back from Portugal that is! A fost ff frumos! plaje misto, casute faine, multe fructe si peste, am inotat pana n-am mai putut in larg si catre stanci si plaje salbatice, gen fragmente din Lagura Albastra si The Beach! suuuuuper!

In curand multe poze si un review!

Pana atunci va dau cam atat:

Portugalia in cifre:

23 orase

3000 km

1700 de poze ale mele + 500 Gabi

8 ore de zbor

etc, sa ma mai gandesc 🙂

O traditie lipicioasa :) LMA

10 Jun

3 fete si TOATE 3 zilele de nastere 🙂

FAIR (..enough) Moarte lui Cupidon :)

11 Feb

Like fashion

Like MGB

Like art

Now – like ARK 🙂

Delia….app de ce te plangeai? e foarte fain


Make hippie parties on Rebelion 2009!

28 Dec

Ma pregatesc pentru un hippie rebelion!

Eu sunt in charge cu lista de melodii care e kilometrica. Am stat la auditii 3 nopti pentru melodii hippie, rock and roll, oldies, etc.

Narghileaua e pregatita si ea.

Am facut chiar si designul pentru tricouri!

1. Make love not war

2. Grass in greener in Potland

M-am inspirat in urmatoarea lista:

How to Dress Like a Hippie

1. Do have a flower. CHECK

2. Pocahontas headband. CHECK

3. Hair is long and “unkempt looking” but clean. CHECK

4. Women could wear a mini or even micro skirt flower-power imprints. Boots or go-go boots were okay too. CHECK

5. Men – Jeans, the grungier the better. Leather vests were big too.

6. Fringe – for all. Vest, jackets, pants, shirts. Anything could be fringed.

7. Peace symbol. CHECK

8. Hand-made accesories. CHECK


Pics from the Hippie ECO Rebelion!