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..Romania doesn’t even have such a high rate of criminality. but has a high rate of negativism

21 Oct

I’ve always told myself that i wouldn’t talk about Romanians, i should refrain from this discussion. About Romania yes, but about Romanians – no, words written don’t explore the whole idea of being a Romanian and i think that foreigners don’t understand us completely and they only pick up some cliches. Even me, when i’m asked about my people i don’t know exactly if i should give the official statement (hospitality, simple people..) or try to explain and maybe even justify some facts. when i’m asked to talk about Romanians i surprise myself with using very strong words, very decisive and explicit, like an attorney in court, who says his final pleading.

I think that (from the countries that I’ve visited and many people of different nationalities that I’ve talked to) Romanians are among the most difficult nationality to discover, to understand and explain.  And i’m not referring to culture or education facts, i’m talking about character, fears, strengths, mentality and communist inheritance and the experiences lived for more than 20 years now that changed us and influenced our future selves.

So, i guess that before stupid logos, tv commercials, cheap outdoors, ordinary slogans, expensive and controversial campaigns for Romania, a national brand should be created and promoted by its people, citizens and we first have to decide how we think about us, take a moment and reflect on how we would describe ourselves.

Is it hospitality that defines us? Yeah ..right. where is this hospitality, cause it’s a concept so old and rooted that it has almost lost it’s value and significance somewhere along the way!? I guess we don’t mean couchsurfing or other ways to accommodate tourists or when we have opportunities to accept guests. Maybe we see this hospitality in the countryside, at simple and humble people. But in urban areas, i don’t see this as a trademark, even if my team an I conducted an entire campaign strategy based on Romanian hospitality (funny one though, much exaggerated) at Communication Olympics  to stimulate tourists in Scandinavia to come to Romania . Maybe i will later edit here. but it was under the laws of advertising..a sort of poetical license. 🙂

friendly – yeah right here also. cause we always shake hands or what? i read a study somewhere that says Americans are shocked when they come to Romania and see that we shake hands for almost any reason. We are friendly only when we want. we first are judgemental and then friendly, only if the other person suits our expectations. We are not used to take a person as he is and learn something from every experience, not all of us at least. I see this only happening among the young generation, that has encountered many types of characters while traveling abroad. But most Romanians still think in stereotypes and are under the influence of communist inheritance.

beautiful girls, cheap booze, great clubbing – got that right. :)) or maybe is the cheap booze that influences the other two ?:))) sarcasm noted here

hard working – hard working or hardly working?! hard working is a concept related and used together with the hospitality issue in general. maybe we are hard workers, putting in more sweat than inspiration in finding and cultivating favorable contexts. I also think that Romanians are very flexible and adaptable to every situation.

communist inheritance and the experience of 20 years consumer society – from many bad heritages (from behavior point of view) inherited i want to talk about fear and distrust. We fund ourselves raised (as a nation) to always look around us, always second guess  others, always having a kind of inferior attitude or building an overprotective shield. I always surprise myself looking at people getting in the public transport in order to catch their distrustful and query eyes looking for any sign of territorial interruption from behalf of others around them. they keep their purses close and tight in front of themselves. Take the daily example of me: i’m always looking around when i step off the car, open the trunk or smth, always with the fear that somebody might see what’s inside and smash my car afterwords. This ..situation really happened to a close friend a couple of weeks ago in the overrated – Historical Center of Bucharest. That’s sick! i kept in mind that this could happen, but i didn’t take it for serious consideration actually..until really happened.

What is normal for us (to be careful that something bad could happen) is very abnormal to foreigners that don’t even take into consideration this probability. Two years ago in Switzerland there was a store with all kinds of holiday decorations for outdoors. The store was closed, but boxes with decorations sticking out were kept outside, during the night. for many nights.

And nobody was stressed out cause of that, nothing was stolen and i was wow-ed by “their normality”. cause in “my normality” the boxes outside (even locked) weren’t to be left outside from the very beginning… and that’s only an example. there are many like this. i am completely mystified by the gap in attitude, the difference positive thinking and lack of negative experience are doing!!

not to mention that Romania doesn’t even have such a high rate of criminality. but has a high rate of negativism, misdirected protection and baggage of experiences that spoke for themselves and speak even now.

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28 Mar


I’m sending this letter because i’m just worried about you.I know that from the beginning of this year you’ve been in a limbo phase and wanted to check up on you. These couple of months have been rather rough and edgy, you’ve been living life as you always wanted, intense, with many ups (and also downs), but with difficult choices, with experimental situations, but hey, that’s WHO YOU ARE. You keep saying this, but this doesn’t absolve you for every mess and complicated situation that you get yourself into or even find yourself in (when it already escaped from your control). It doesn’t free you from guilt or blame or their consequences.. someday you will just have to face the facts, face WHAT YOU WANT and stop being afraid of taking ONE MORE HARD&DIFFICULT CHOICE.

You attract many complicated situations and then you find yourself tangled, having no plan whatsoever, getting a hand of all these as you roll. Yes, that is who you are, but everyone should check up on himself once in a while and draw a between-phases conclusion.

Since i know you, you’ve always been between one or more complicated situations: either the choice was simple/dramatic maybe, or far/near, or permanent/temporary, etc you’ve been struggling for something and didn’t quite feel at ease with all your choices in the long run.

You are appearing and acting egoistic, doing everything that comes to your head, without considering all the facts and implications. you just do, act, live your life no matter what the costs “of living” like this are. I see through you. you aren’t THAT egoistic as you would like to be or would like to appear. If you were like that, you wouldn’t have struggled after taking the tougher choices, always questioning yourself on the side, seeing if you really can reward yourself with a “thumbs up” smiley..

You are egoistic and independent to an extend that you act on intuition and emotion rather on logic and don’t consider anyone or anything on the side, like a bull aiming for the red color. IN THEORY, you would like things to be more simple, but you are almost certain that this won’t turn you on or won’t keep you interested in the long run. You LOOK for complicated things, need that adrenaline rush from these on-the-edge-situations almost as you need snowboarding, paragliding, kitesurfing and motorcycling stuff!

I know you can take up and cope with any situation, because you find ANY EXPERIENCE WORTH TAKING AND RISKING in order to learn something new about yourself and about the others involved. what went wrong, what was good and, like any optimistic, you find always more goods than bads. in some almost twisted way you find the courage and power (!!) to congratulate yourself because you went through this.

You put yourself out there and learn on the move about you and about what you want. this may be a good thing. I always considered yourself to be more of a person who better regrets doing something at a certain moment (when THIS choice appeared to be the BEST ONE) than regretting NOT doing something, sometime. But this also may mean a bad thing. without mentioning that you can hurt exactly the people that you don’t want to hurt. You learn about what you want on the move, as you seek to keep up with every change in your life, learn about yourself … only being yourself and by letting yourself go at the same time.. sometimes you look like sleepwalking through your life and sometimes you are more sober and able that you ever thought you could be…

You are now scared of the many things that can go wrong AND of the many things that can go OK, but seem to be wrong also..Curiosity, emotion and this need of yours to discover new experiences and new limits got you here in the first place..

Clear out your head, lighted up and you should discover what you want and really need. Take the Paris trip as an opportunity both to forget and to consider yourself and yr impact on others. Do not overthink it or hesitate and be superficial. Let go and then maybe everything looks more simple. You are at a difficult crossroad and it’s high time you acknowledge that and act for damage control or just …be in control.

Keep me posted, hope to hear good news! whatever good news may mean at this time 😉



Una musica brutal…part 2

27 Nov

Nobody asks you anymore what kind of music you listen to.Some years ago this question was a real trademark. I think most of us are familiar with ASL,PLS thingy. After these two,immediately came “what music do you listen” which was considered a sure cause for ‘elimination’! If you managed ok, beyond this point everything was a piece of cake and a DEFINITELY MAYBE! 😀

Music frenzies are divided nowadays into two categories (especially in Romania): normal people who like music and have developed a music culture. PERIOD. And red necks who like gypsy music.  Please note that this has become an UNDERSTATEMENT in Romania..

We also have GOOD gypsy music, but i’m not talking about this kind, unfortunately.. You don’t really need to have ‘an eye’ for these things to have a look at someone and easily fit him/her in one of these 2 categories above…I’m mostly ashamed by the ‘general’ music in my country because some judge all of us cause we don’t get enough credit to the gypsies and don’t promote their culture…

I for one think that we GAVE and still GIVE TOO MUCH credit and the  trend of positive discrimination is taking over, as it still is wrongly understood. The uneducated part of the society and the general trend of gypsy-ism have transformed Romania into an outrageous and insulting reign of ‘manele’ ..!! (editors note-‘manele’ is the gypsies’ music, but not the traditional and authentic one unfortunately, but the type which combines Balcanic, Oriental, folk music with dance, pop ..well every other types of music we can possibly name. ‘Manele’ genre comes from ethic gypsy communities-‘Rromii’ in Romanian. But this type of can be heard not only in gypsy communities, but in Romanians as well, as it resides in poorer urban and countryside communities)..

Sibiu-Capitala Distractiei de Weekend

14 May

Reteta pentru un weekend fabulos departe de casa:

Se iau doua prietene cu spirit de aventura, o masina, libertate si chef extraordinar de distractie si nebunii. Mai complicat cu drumul, ne-am oprit la PitStopuri la Brasov si Fagaras (bunicii Ruxandrei) pentru fripturi si sarmale. Drum foarte prost de la Brasov pana la Sibiu – e in lucru si sunt semafoare, am mai prins si grindina. Dar mi-a placut sa conduc altceva decat Bondocul meu si sa pot sa apas ca lumea cu piciorul pe acceleratie. Vrrrumm!!

Se condimenteaza cu o plecare la Sibiu si bani seriosi de cheltuiala. Sibiu e un fel de “Mamaia a Ardealului”. Ciorba de exemplu e 8-9 ron. O noapte la Old Town Hostel e 45 ron/noapte/pers si sunt cam vreo 5-7 paturi in camera. Noi am platit la pensiune 85 ron/camera/noapte ceea ce e foarte bine. E adevarat, nu era chiar in buricul targului, dar aproape de centru. Numai ca noua ni se parea mereu departe ca mereu ne rataceam pe stradute cu masina. DA, deci clar vreau un GPS de ziua mea :)) PS: Am facut atatea nereguli de circulatie ca nu nimeream straduta care trebuia! Apoi am mers perpedes si din cauza grijilor cu parcarea si stradutelor lor care, nu aveau placutele cu numele la inceputul strazii, ci pe la mijloc:)) Dar a fost fun, ca am vazut si alte parti ale Sibiului fara sa vrem chiar.

Se asezoneaza cu iesit din terasa in terasa, din straduta in straduta, din club in club, din turn in turn. Nici nu am ajuns bine vineri, ne-am cazat si am plecat la colindat. Nu va recomand restaurantul/bar/terasa de langa Hostelul Old Town din Piata Mica. Ciorba de vacuta vedeai prin ea si nu era gustoasa, iar tochitura nici atat. Dar am mancat ca ne era foame. In schimb, am mancat excelent la Pivnita cu Vinuri, la Pasajul Scarilor. Un restaurant foarte intim si micut, cu specific german/austriac. Gulas de nota 10 si musaca. Si suc de mere cu apa minerala la carafa. Zuper. Meniul nu e foarte mare, dar mai bine putin si foarte bun. Am vizitat tot ce se putea, imi pare rau totusi ca nu am ajuns la Muzeul Astra. Dar cel mai mult am vizitat bancile din Piata Mare duminica, ne-am incarcat cu soare, poze si voie buna! Nu ne mai venea sa plecam. Admiram lumea, pasarile, fantana, cladirile. Palatul Brukenthal nu m-a impresionat mai deloc. Colectia de picturi e frumoasa, dar cam plictisitoare. Ori eram noi prea obosite. Trebuie vizitat neparat turnul de la Biserica Evanghelista! Foarte multe scari de urcat, peisaj ca din “Indiana Jones”! :)) Cand ajungi sus, vezi Sibiul in toate directiile. E mult curent, dar ies niste poze super. Club de “vizitat”: Chill Out. Hai si Liquid. Chill Out e in Piata Mica, langa Old Town Hostel. E in acelasi lant cu Studio Martin si Kudos. Asta ca sa se inteleaga specificul. Nu o sa prea vezi cefosi si burtosi cu ochelari D&G si lanturi la gat. Oameni faini, preturi ok. Vineri am fost acolo la Raresh care a umplut clubul. Intrarea de obicei e 10 ron. Sambata am revenit pentru party Dresscode Red, povestesc mai jos. Warm-up aici, mai ales cand te imprietenesti cu barmanul si un pic cu managerul :)) Apoi am plecat in gasca cu niste belgieni faini in Liquid. Un club fitos de care mai auzisem. Muzica si oamenii nu se pot compara cu Chill Out, dar a fost ok, destul de fun. Hore si latino remixate, muzica extrem de comerciala. Bine ca nu eram singure. Multi tarani, dar noi ne-am distrat in gasca :))

Se amesteca bine cu un pic de shopping. Nu ne-am putut abtine, evident. Am avut ca scuza petrecerea din Chill Out de sambata noaptea, care avea Dresscode Red. Urasc culoarea asta, dar am descoperit ca imi venea chiar bine. Logic ca nu aveam nimic in bagaje rosu, asa ca am plecat la vanatoare:)) Rezultat: bluza rosie funky de la Fox si pantofi Fly London din Outlet1 (Promenada Mall)!! Definetely a place to visit! Preturi ok la incaltaminte si foarte misto modelele. funky asa. Dar la haine nu pot sa spun acelasi lucru. Evident, mi-am cumparat si niste cercei, doar nu ratam asa ocazie. Si eu si Ruxi. Cercei “de Sibiu”. In schimb, am ratat sa-mi cumpat magneti de frigider, sa-i pun la colectie. Data viitoare 🙂

Se ornamenteaza cu un barman de treaba, bauturi pe moca, gasca de turisti straini si dans pana la 7 dimineata. Oare cum sa nu se imprieteneasca lumea cu 2 tipe misto, destepte, fara fite si departe de casa? 🙂 In Chill out am cunoscut si o gasca de belgieni foarte misto, veniti in vacanta in Romania. Fusesera in Retezat si apoi la Sibiu. A fost asa, o indragosteala “permanenta” de 3 zile: de oras, de distractie, de Chill Out, de dans 🙂 Ne-am simtit super bine, somn doar vreo 4 ore in 3 zile! asta spune tot!

Se pune la copt intr-o pensiune draguta, destul de ieftina si cu nume de motel dubios “Emigrantul”. Pensiunea e pe Calea Cisnadiei, e mare, cu un corp de cladire mai veche si unul nou, inclusiv cu piscina. Care la vara ii dau drumul, dar e foarte bine de stiut. Sunt multe camere, destul de ieftine. Camere de 2 paturi la 85 si 120 ron. Loc bun de venit in gasca si nu numai. E curatel si ingrijit. Nume de motel dubios, de pe marginea soselei, dar in realitate e chiar ok. Mai ales cat am stat noi “in casa”. 🙂 In plus, daca nu vreti sa mergeti mult pana la un club, peste drum de pensiune este “Club Gaudi”. Pare de fite. Dar era prea usor pentru noi de ajuns la el, noi trebuia sa simtim ca plecam si ca ne si ratacim:))

Se lasa in cuptor 3 zile la foc intens si se indulceste dupa gust cu somn in Bucuresti. Inapoi in Bucuresti. Ma simt altfel, incarcata cu energie pozitiva, incredere si ganduri noi de “duca”! 🙂

Poze next: Enjoy!


26 Mar

Prieteni vechi

Prieteni noi

Principii vechi: “Nu face ce tie nu-ti place” si “Invata din orice experienta, nu regreta nimic”

Principii noi “Lasa-i pe altii sa invete din experientele tale si fii ok cu asta”

Perspective de viata noi

Locuri noi de hang out

Daca e sa spun ceva care am invatat in perioada asta, e ca am invatat sa apreciez mai mult prietenia. Una dintre concluzii. Alta concluzie ar mai fi comunicarea. Desi vorbesc mult, acum am vorbit si mai mult. Si m-a ajutat, m-am eliberat. Prietenii sunt aici sa te asculte. Nu neaparat pentru sfaturi. Ca pana la urma, tot tu stii cel mai bine.

Tot pe tine te asculti in ultima instanta. Dar daca vorbesti, iti dai si singur raspunsul. Pe care credeai ca nu il ai.

Nu credeam in faze dintr-astea prin filme adunate, dar am invatat pe pielea mea.

M-am schimbat prin oamenii care m-au inconjurat si care ma inconjoara acum. Am iesit un pic sa ma privesc din afara si am realizat si am tras niste concluzii. Principiul meu dupa care m-am ghidat toata viata de pana acum e ca trebuie sa inveti ceva din orice. Din orice experienta, ori om. Fie ca inveti ceva despre tine, fie ca inveti despre altii si raportezi la tine.

Am realizat ca am ajuns sa fiu un “case study” pentru apropiati. E pe principiu “Sprite”. Cum invat eu de la altii, asa invata si altii de la mine. Nu e ceva de care sa te rusinezi. E pur si simplu a fact of life. Ti-a venit si tie randul. Si e placut. E un sentiment ciudat la inceput, placut dupa, mai ales cand iti dai seama de el asa cum mi-am dat eu. Ce fain e sa te analizezi pe tine, sa te compari pana sa ii compari pe ceilalti.

Eu am aflat cum sunt eu, ce vreau eu. Si e prima data. Am aflat ce imi place si ce trebuie sa moderez, nu am zis sa schimb. Cred ca fiecare ar trebui sa aiba momentul asta. Pana sa ii judece pe altii, sa se judece pe sine.

Poti sa ii asculti pe altii vorbin despre tine cat vrei tu, dar cel mai mult conteaza parerea ta despre tine, your own review. Esti cel mai bun critic si cel mai tare fan al tau!

Concluzia?! Eu m-as indragosti de mine 🙂


Razi mata, da razi degeaba

16 Nov

Azi aam avut o revelatie. M-a lovit.

Eram la semafor. Radeam in masina, singura de altfel de o gluma de la radio. Sincer, nici nu mai stiu care era faza. cert e ca am facut greseala sa RAD..

In laterala masinii mele, alta masina..deh..erau mai multe benzi:)

In timp ce mustaceam eu asa – culmea in traficul nostru, dar se pare ca m-am vaccinat -, o tipa din masina din dreapta parea ca ii spune soferului: “Uite si la asta, rade ca nebuna. Ce-o gasi asa de ras?”….Se uita ciudat, de parca nu a mai vazut oameni in viata ei razand sau simtindu-se bine un moment.

M-am uitat si eu. I-am transmis din priviri ca ea e ciudata si nu eu. Eu aveam zambet…

O clipa totusi mi-a sarit zambetul larg de pe buze…chiar asa sa fie? romanii nu mai stiu sa zambeasca?

Chiar am inceput sa ma uit pe strada si tot observ ca din ce in ce mai mult asa e.

Privire in pamant, mers grabit, geanta stransa in fata si privire laterala iscoditoare…

tare as vrea sa radem mai mult..

PS: In lumina celor spuse acum tot nu imi pare ciudat postul trecut. mi-l asum in continuare. Poate ..poate


Roman raman

12 Nov

Si nu e vreo aluzie la opinceala pentru euroalegeri a PNTCD..

ci la …


Campanie pe bloguri. Via Sorin Tudor.

asta ca tot am discutat la master si mi-am spus sentimentele in public.

cand o sa am timp o sa va povestesc. promit.