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Paris avec les filles!

23 Mar

Les ingredients clés pour une escapade magnifique à Paris:

  1. Paris au printemps
  2. 4 filles
  3. soirées mélomanes & dansantes
  4. photos
  5. mini-jupes & talons hauts /ballerines
  6. Paris la nuit
  7. promenades le long de la seine – champagne, chocolat, crepes
  8. nouveaux amis
  9. pique-niquer dans les parcs
  10. bonne humeur!!

PS:  J’ai trouvé quelques bons conseils sur – – génial!

Les actualités et commentaires à venir prochainement!

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Paris (Ooh La La)

Envie de paris

8 Mar

prochainement – Paris escapade avec les filles 🙂

Pics for the nearly weds

24 Apr

when my friend Roxana told me at the end of last summer that she wanted me to do a pre-wedding photo shooting this spring, i was so damn proud and excited and took this thought into great consideration, i guess in order to be prepared in a way when the time came :)) not to mention that i tried to come up with some ideas for the outdoor shots (place, concept etc).

Anyway, this crappy weather that has been going on for the last few weeks (rain, cloudy, sunny, rain again…) let me with little choice, being determined that the first sunny day is ours to shoot, somewhere green and colorful ! so, that day was last Sunday.

Take a look at the excited nearly weds! me so happy that I’ve managed to surprise their happiness the first time I grabbed the camera for this kind of “special requested” shooting 🙂


And I was thinking to myself this could be heaven or this could be hell…

7 Oct

Many times I wondered if I’m better off leaving .ro. Don’t know exactly why, just because.
Every time seems to be another reason (mentalities are different and free, people are having fun without any prejudice, know the world, escape the reality from here, run away from responsibility as I understand it here, live my youth more uninhibited, be capable on my own, get into contact with people from all around the world, face another challenge, just be with myself, try to accomplish smth somewhere else bla bla).

It’s not that I don’t have a great life here, that I don’t manage with money, or that t don’t have anything left here or despise smth. Always, but always, when I go on holidays i have the feeling that I’m better suited to live somewhere else but in Romania no. You might say that holidays are holidays and the time is spent is relaxing, etc.

The idea of holiday is more “easy” and you get to know people more shallow and superficially, always kind, funny and the situation changes if you know them better and live amongst them, in good or bad times (God, NOT referring to the marriage stuff). Everyone is different and if you accept that, I think you are ready to live anywhere else.
It’s true that if I leave I’ll miss my family and friends really badly, but if you are certain that this is for you, you’ll try to make the best of it, your family and friends supporting on the side.

My “problem” is that I feel like I’m better off shifting my life as I know it till now (I’ve made the best from my life: family, funsies, friends, adventure, trips, work..) and try to go as I please, to earn life experience, be independent and spontaneous.

Even if I am convinced that I’m not missing smth really now, but I still need to find THAT smth else “out there”. I miss the control over my life I think. Still…“this could be heaven, this could be hell”…
Romanians judge the people all around them, relationships and connections they have are not important. We judge from how others are dressed, where they work, how much they earn, who they are with, what their friends are, what clubs they frequent to the extend of what they do, how they act. Everyone is under intense scrutiny and judgment. If we don’t act and be as they expect us to be, preconception and labeling soon follow.

I have to admit that I feel determined but I’m aware that this decision requires a lot of thinking and I made an exercise: why would I be afraid of going? I realized that I’ve some “points” to clear out for myself and check them out,…like:

– What if I get distant to the persons that really matter for me and who are here. Not talking about Twitter, Facebook, the blog and so on.. I mean the real interaction and support when I’m down, when I miss my family, friends, all the nice stuff (hanging out, family dinners, etc..);
– Afraid of not taking the right decision to be on my own in a foreign country
– Afraid that this decision could be based more on some other reasons like stubbornness and running away than rational thinking;

– What if I don’t manage to get on own there. Maybe I’m unlucky, maybe all will be very competitive, maybe I don’t find the things I need. It’s not like I’m under the impression that everything will be honey there..but still;

– Afraid of change. All the day-to-day stuff that I know now, will change;
– Afraid of starting over in some way. With a master, internship probably and then job hunting if I want to stay some more …

(to be continued I think..)

Destination Portugal!

1 Sep

In sfarsit ma apuc un pic cate un pic si de review-ul despre Portugalia. Mai un rand azi, mai un later edit maine, usor usor o sa izbutesc! 🙂 E mult de povestit si aratat, o sa vedeti si o sa intelegeti atunci de ce mi-a luat atat de mult sa imi fac curaj.

Indulge yourself with some pics for now!

LA CEREREA DELIEI – mi-am facut cont si pe FLICKR unde am pus muuulte poze si mai am de pus. Poze din Portugalia pe Flickr AICI. Deocamdata sunt cam 100 de poze 🙂

M-am gandit: dupa ce o sa pun toate pozele, atunci scriu si review-ul, ca sa imi aduc aminte de tot pe parcurs. Am vazut atat de multeee si am facut tot atatea incat am si pierdut sirul…

Ancuta si Musonik 2

Ancuta si Musonik 2

Back from Portugal!

20 Aug

Back from Portugal that is! A fost ff frumos! plaje misto, casute faine, multe fructe si peste, am inotat pana n-am mai putut in larg si catre stanci si plaje salbatice, gen fragmente din Lagura Albastra si The Beach! suuuuuper!

In curand multe poze si un review!

Pana atunci va dau cam atat:

Portugalia in cifre:

23 orase

3000 km

1700 de poze ale mele + 500 Gabi

8 ore de zbor

etc, sa ma mai gandesc 🙂

Hard enduro

20 Jul

Weekend asta l-am trait si mai ales SIMTIT la intensitate maxima! a fost prima mea iesire serioasa pe trasee de cross si hard enduro! m-am imprietenit cu ttr-ul, as fi vrut eu si cu yz-ul, dar sa mai cresc un pic. si la propriu si la figurat. e cam inalt pt mine, dar cred ca m-as descurca dupa ce mai prind ceva experienta 🙂 am fost la Sarata Monteoru (pe langa Buzau), pe un traseu foarte dificil, pe carari de munte prin padure, cu urcari si coborari, cu gropi pline de noroi si santuri cat casa.. alunecam cam rau prin noroiul ala aveam cizme adecvate ca n-am apucat sa-mi iau, abia dupa concediu sper.

Dupa noroaiele si pantele de la Monteoru, am plecat inspre Dunare ca si cum vanataile pe care le capatasem deja erau de warm up 🙂 Ne-am oprit cu masina langa intrarea spre comana (cred..) apoi am taiat-o inspre dunare pe dealuri cu terase cam grele, sine de tren, campuri, santuri, etc. Am cazut, m-am ridicat si am mers mai departe razand, cu tot atata entuziasm si incredere. Stiam cand m-am apucat de sportul asta ca de obicei la enduro si cross cazaturile sunt mici si dese, cheia marilor succese 🙂

Motociclismul nu numai ca imi place foarte mult, mi se potriveste. de multe ori mi-am demonstrat ca atunci cand crezi foarte tare intr-o pasiune, esti sau devii foarte bun, ai taria de a continua pe drumul care iti face placere si care te reprezinta ca personalitate. eu consider ca m-am descurcat foarte bine avand in vedere traseele, dar cel mai important cred ca e curajul, increderea in sine si dorinta de a mai practica. am o satisfactie foarte mare cand urcam sau coboram un deal dificil, imi venea sa urli de bucurie 🙂 push the limits… de cate ori am cazut ma scuturam un pic ca eram cam ravasita in tot praful si noroiul ala, radeam de mine, evaluam greseala si o luam mai departe cu zambetul pe buze. simteam oboseala si un pic durerile, dar nimic nu conta atata timp cat venea un alt deal, o alta coborare etc. ma concentram si uitam de tot.

Funny a fost la Sarata Monteoru cand au trecut cativa baieti pe niste  ktm-uri care se uitau mirati si oarecum extaziati asa 🙂 ca exista si fete care se innoroiesc pe motoare de enduro/cross si nu doar la tv dupa ora 24 la lupte cu noroi/miere etc :)))) sau ca exista fete care nu bocesc si vor acasa dupa prima cazatura 🙂

cel mai tare ma enervam ca nu greseam la urcari sau coborari grele, nu cadeam, imi ieseau bine si fara frica si ma impotmoleam la cele mai usoare unde imi pierdeam concentrarea sau aveam prea multa incredere. Motorul (indiferent de tip, dar mai ales vitezana si cross/enduro) te fura imediat, iti da aripi si incredere ca il controlezi perfect si ajungi sa vrei mai mult, sa sari nu stiu cum, sa mergi mai tare si te fortezi la chestii simple si fix atunci iti demonstreaza ca poti sa exagerezi si buf/zdrong/pleoshk in strada/sant/noroi/damb/vale/deal.. etc

trebuie sa te cunosti foarte bine si sa te controlezi. eu am plecat cu o lectie foarte importanta. partial o stiam deja de la senzatia pe care mi-o dau motoarele de strada. Vreau Hornet sau Monster in principiu, dar mi-ar placea mult si o Super Moto, asa de joaca. o sa vad in toamna ce oferte vor fi si cum vor evolua preturile.

Pana la motoarele de strada, stiu clar ca vreau ceva de cross/enduro pentru coclauri, sa ma mai invat cu mersul pe 2 roti, sa ma controlez ca temperament, nerabdare si nebunie 🙂

Azi am facut un test pe Facebook care zica ca-s “confident — or at least, confident in my self-expression, and this often leads to confidence in all things”. este perfect adevarat si demonstrabil 🙂