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Una musica brutal…

26 Nov

First of all i would like to saythat staying at home these couple of days got me thinking to past times and the music i was listening a couple of years ago, the clubs i was frequenting, the friends/ the gang i was with etc. Yesterday i cleaned my iTunes Library and made myself a playlist of all time favorite songs I like to hear from time to time, arranged the albums and so on.. and i realized how much my taste in music has changed over the years. I always considered myself having the music culture ‘running through my veins’ and, depending on the mood i was in, i listened to a certain genre. Music is a culture that greatly reflects our way of being, our character and disposition.

I remember how i used to listen to music in high school and, the iPod is stuck somewhere in the car, used only when at gym or when out of town. Radio in the car, radio at work 90% of time. In (high) school we gave each other tapes and later on CDs of favorite music, we made mix tapes with songs we loved and put in a special order just to say/express something we couldn’ was used then like a way of bounding a lot greater than it is today. Maybe because of the access we now have to music, maybe music is now too common and the tastes are too shallow..If you ask someone now what kind of music he listens, he maybe will give you an answer, but a really general one because ‘he likes many types of music”.

If you asked me especially in the last years of high school and first years of college, i spitted out at least one douzen Djs and several genres of electronic music that many even hadn’t heard about. I surprised then as i also took pleasure in listening rock for example. Back then we all were divided: rockers, hip hoppers, electonic music freaks or so on 🙂 Now the music is more refined and some may say that ‘you can even dance on it’ :)). our music at least!

So, i gave myself the courage to make a list of my mega giga extra favorite songs and put them in a special playlist which combines NOW with BACK THEN

Placebo – Running up that hill; Battle for the sun, Every you, every me ; Infra red;

Tiesto – Beautiful things, Adagio for strings, Love comes again

Armin van Buuren – In and out of love, Fine without you

Hurts – Wonderful Life, Illuminated

30 seconds to mars – Kings and queens, Closer to the edge

Phantom Planet – California

Red Hot Chili Papers – Californication, Scar Tissue, Under the bridge, Can’t stop

Deftones-diamond eyes

Sheryl Crow – Behind blue eyes

Gogol Bordello – Start wearing purple; Immigraniada ; Pala Tute; Think Locally, Fuck Globally

Scorpions – Winds of change

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a dream

Gotan Project – Una musica brutal

The Eagles – Hotel California

Death cab for cutie – Soul meets body

Breaking Benjamin – Diary of jane, Blow me away

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven

U2 – With or without you, One, Sweetest Thing

Guns ‘N Roses – Sweet child of mine; November Rain

The Killers – Read my mind, When you were young

Pink Floyd – Another brick in the wall; Wish you were here, Comfortably Numb, One of these days

MGMT – Kids

Urma – Terminus, Buy me with a coffee

Manchester orchestra – I’ve got friends

Muse – Undisclosed desires, Resistance

(verrrryyyyy harddd to choose only a few songs) So, i reserve the right to continue the list :))

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Guns N’ Roses rocked the Paradise City Bucharest 21.09.10

23 Sep

After waiting too many years to see live Guns N’ Roses finally they came to Romania. After buying a FALSE ticket to Golden Circle and realized on the day of the concert that it was FAKE, we had to improvise and to figure out a new way in 🙂 Golden Circle or not and with money on the tickets already lost. such a rush! we managed to find invitations and there we were! The long awaited hard rock group..on their songs i danced on tables in highschool and in the first year of college..

After waiting 2 hours from the announced hour for the GnR, the crowd was irritated, anxious, cold and eager to go home. GnR started at 22:20 pm instead of 20 pm..Touring to promote their last album ‘Chinese Democracy’, their first songs weren’t exactly on their style (but not bad) and didn’t sound so ‘warming’ on a bored and almost stoned cold the first hour of the show looked like it let the public down and Axl didn’t look to be in shape and with a “i have to do this” figure..

After the first hour everything changes, the people started to warm up and feel the GnR songs that reminded them of the ‘golden years’.

The last hour of the show was GREAT, with Axl singing ‘paradise city’, november rain, sweet child of mine, don’t cry, knocking on heaven’s door, welcome to the jungle.. The new team, with top musicians like DJ Ashba, sounds very good and Axl, though kinda worn out, still has the show-making in his hands and he was awesome and in shape! Some should first listen to Ashba’s solos on youtube and then talk about his experience and his right to be on GnR. he is damn good. The live solo performances  in the show were totally good!

GnR interacted with the public very well, though i can’t say that for all the big rock groups that already checked Romania. I must say that i was really impressed by the 2 hours and a half show and really moved when he picked up the Romanian flag. it’s a small thing and we really should be thankful ’cause he recognized the flag and that he knew which country he was in and didn’t salute with ‘Hello Budapest!’ like others did throughout the years…

I stayed at the Golden Circle, close to VIP section. the stage was rather small for a concert like this and from the Normal Circle no one could see too much of the show, especially because the screens were too small and some of them were there to show commercials at Vodafone.

There were many down sides in the concert’s organization, but overall i was glad to be at the CONCERT and to see live Axl and the crew. not to mention to experience thrills down my spine when i heard the songs that shook my adolescence and that the songs which i still sing with pleasure and dedication almost every time at karaoke 🙂

From my point of view, after the delay of 2 hours, many of the people there didn’t give a chance to the concert and to GnR. it’s true that it’s awful to appear after 2 hours in front of your fans ..buuuut as a fan  you should be there and be square and have the time to listen to the concert until the end. from respect to GnR.

I think that those who left after an hour didn’t know where they really were and who’s concert that really was. They were touring for their last album and most of the crowd thought what? that they will start with singing Knocking on heaven’s door in order for them to recognize ONE song? come on..

Axl and Co put on a show that really worth the 2 hours wait!  a 2 hours and a half show and the scene with the flag denoted respect for the public. Everybody who left at THE END of the concert was thrilled and forgot about the delay, the bad organization, the queues at the beer, the little screens, the few eco toilettes, and so on..

Axl was extraordinary and respected the public, being probably conscious about the delay and the uuuuu-s from the beginning. which were very few and dispersed as compared to the one’s “received” at their Dublin show.

What are we talking about?! we are talking about GnR, a group like Metallica, AC/DC which electrified generations! we were there for the concert itself and i didn’t care too much of the offset…Axl stays Axl with or without Slash or Duff or with or without organizations inconveniences…btw, i think i was lucky to stay in the Golden Circle and those who stayed in the NC couldn’t see nor hear too much.that was the general impression, at least. What D&D East Entertainment didn’t understand was that even if you sweat and bring a group like GnR in Romania, you still have to think about your ticket buyer, to try to please him by all means and by taking into consideration all possibilities and that he has to HEAR and SEE from all price ranges!


18 Mar

Am luat bilete la DM!

Prima data cand s-au pus in vanzare, prin octombrie 08 mi se pare, nici nu m-am dezmeticit ca s-au si epuizat in mai putin de o luna!

Ieri, in drumul de 10 min spre birou, am auzit la radio ca S-AU SUPLIMENTAT BILETELE LA DM pe gazon si tribuna VIP cu un total de 2.000 bilete! deci, in 15 minute la mine pe monitor apare site-ul si “finalizeaza comanda” 🙂

yey! Depeche la Bucuresti si in sfarsit in vad si eu 🙂

Mi-am adus aminte cum, prin 90-93 asa, erau doua tabere: fanii Metallica si fanii Depeche… atunci vreau sa ii vad!

Urmeaza biletele la B’EST FEST, sa vedem ce zile, dar clar aia cu the Killers … for now anyway.

Poate si Madonna, dar prefer sa fiu in concediu atunci 🙂

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode

FAIR (..enough) Moarte lui Cupidon :)

11 Feb

Like fashion

Like MGB

Like art

Now – like ARK 🙂

Delia….app de ce te plangeai? e foarte fain



17 Jan

De curand s-a lansat – un site de unde poti afla toate date si info despre toate evenimentele muzicale din Romania. Laudabila initiativa, mai ales ca pana acum nu exista niciun site care sa afiseze toate concertele, ci doar site-urile de vanzare bilete…Felicitari Lucian pentru iconcert! 🙂

Abia astept concertul the Rasmus din Hard Rock Cafe din 16 februarie!! Abia astept In the shadows si F-F-Falling si  pe care SPER sa le cante, chiar daca e concert de promovare al albumului “Black Roses”! De pe noul album – Living in a world without you. Am fost la un singur concert in HRC si nu mi se pare cea mai buna alegere pt un concert The Rasmus, avand in vedere ca The Rasmus au mai concertat in Romania in anul 2007, in cadrul festivalului Coke Live. O scena muuult mai potrivita.

In deschiderea concertului The Rasmus de la HRC va canta Kerli (-interesanta alegere), cunoscuta prin single-ul “Walking on air”.

Ce mi-a atras atentia pe iconcert e si Punk Rock Underfest 4, pe 13 februarie, la Fabrica. Cred ca merita, mai ales capul de afis al festivalului-No Use for a Name.

Make hippie parties on Rebelion 2009!

28 Dec

Ma pregatesc pentru un hippie rebelion!

Eu sunt in charge cu lista de melodii care e kilometrica. Am stat la auditii 3 nopti pentru melodii hippie, rock and roll, oldies, etc.

Narghileaua e pregatita si ea.

Am facut chiar si designul pentru tricouri!

1. Make love not war

2. Grass in greener in Potland

M-am inspirat in urmatoarea lista:

How to Dress Like a Hippie

1. Do have a flower. CHECK

2. Pocahontas headband. CHECK

3. Hair is long and “unkempt looking” but clean. CHECK

4. Women could wear a mini or even micro skirt flower-power imprints. Boots or go-go boots were okay too. CHECK

5. Men – Jeans, the grungier the better. Leather vests were big too.

6. Fringe – for all. Vest, jackets, pants, shirts. Anything could be fringed.

7. Peace symbol. CHECK

8. Hand-made accesories. CHECK


Pics from the Hippie ECO Rebelion!

Romantism vs internetism

17 Jul

Ma gandesc de cateva zile la soarta romantismului si in ce s-a transformat el acum. Chiar nu ne mai putem bucura de un sms imprevizibil, de o invitatie la film, de un rasarit de soare, de declaratii naive despre viitor si de o floarea soarelui de pe camp in loc de mult prea uzatii trandafiri?

Observ ca in ultima vreme, insetata de sirop, am inceput sa mi-l doresc din nou. Sa ma bucur de el si sa citesc in orice coincidenta un semn, o interpretare care asteapta sa fie data.

Oare romantismul se practica doar in cupluri sudate, care vor sa impresioneze sau sa se recucereasca si il folosesc ca metoda de “hai sa rupem rutina”? El nu mai poate fi folosit ca metoda de a cuceri pe cineva pentru ca pur si simplu nu mai stim sa reactionam? Exista mereu raspunsul “vai ce dragut e…” si apoi blank total. De ce sa nu existe si privirea pierduta, mandra si plutitoare, piciorul ridicat si sarutul de recunostinta ? De cele mai multe ori reactionam la fel ca atunci cand vedem un catel dragut pe strada.

Nu mai suntem construiti sa ne bucuram de romantism. Eu am realizat ca imi doresc sa incerc din nou din “prajiturile insiropate”, de feelingul pierdut si imprastiat. Pentru scurt timp am reinvatat ce inseamna sa ma bucur din nou de culorile marii si nisipul pieptanat la rasarit, de sezlongurile ude, de bomboanele cu ciocolata si de videoclipuri Themed rain de pe VH1. Momente ca astea iti dau sentimentul ca le ai si le poti cuceri pe toate printr-un zambet, o amintire, un dans, o melodie.

Am realizat ca mi s-a facut dor de coincidente, de scrisori si sms in care nu spui nimic, dar spui totul, de scrapbook cadou, de colier facut din scoici, de cort si tequila, de poze drept martisor, de inghetata cu capsuni si cu 2 lingurite, de muzica ce trezeste amintiri, de momente number one fan, de filme romantice in pat, bluesuri la partyuri, dansuri perfecte de cuplu, de buchete prinse, de dimineti mahmure in vama, inel de piele, wish book, de plecari spre destinatii izolate si rupte de lume..

De ce e asa de dificil sa fii romantic sau sa primesti romantism? Acum totul pare siropos si nedigerabil. De ce totul trebuie sa fie …conformist? Pana si daca spui ca esti o persoana romantica, romantic suna urat, invechit si ciudat, ceea de care ar trebui sa ne ferim ca ni se apleaca ca dupa o masa copioasa. De ce preferam rush life-ul si viata fara dulcegarii, iar cand suntem pusi in situatia de a fi romantici nu stim cum sa ne comportam, ne blocam si ni se pare corny, ne uitam in stanga si dreapta la metrou sau in parcare sa vedem daca nu cumva a vazut cineva cum ne-am inrosit. Nu mai suntem dispusi sa acceptam nimic din ceea ce ne-ar face vulnerabili si sensibili.

Acum, cand intalnesti o persoana, nici nu discuti prea multe fata in fata, ci ii ceri id de messenger si, eventual, un numar de telefon. Ne ascundem in fata unei realitati care ne permite sa ne ascundem. In loc de zambet strengaresc si imperfect ne multumim cu un smiley, cu mistouri si linkuri in loc de declaratii si reactii…acest gen de relationare are farmecul lui, dar nu poti comprima realitatea la doar poti comprima o personalitate la reactii prestabilite. Se incurajeaza comoditatea si intimitatea extrema. Eu tind sa atribui o utilitate superficiala si naiva. E frumos la inceput, iti permite sa descoperi o persoana, iti da imboldul de a vrea mai mult si de a o cunoaste cu adevarat. Asta imi place. Pregateste terenul si suscita interesul..e ca o  felie de tort, de la care mananci ce iti place mai putin intai, ca sa lasi la urma ce-i mai bun.

Lumea se ascunde prea mult, eu nu pot sa vorbesc despre mine si despre lucruri importante mie fara sa privesc o persoana in ochi. Reactie, mimica, atentie, sinceritate. Nu trebuie sa fie un joc artificial, care iti permite sa joci atatea caratere. Trebuie sa fie un joc care sa iti permite sa te joci…doar pe tine, asa cum te arati tu lumii. Iar romantismul despre asta e vorba. Despre cum esti tu in preajma celuilat. Cu perfectiune si imperfectiune, cu rabdare si nerabdare, previzibil si imprevizibil.

Theme songs:

Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me

The Cardigans – Lovefool