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..Romania doesn’t even have such a high rate of criminality. but has a high rate of negativism

21 Oct

I’ve always told myself that i wouldn’t talk about Romanians, i should refrain from this discussion. About Romania yes, but about Romanians – no, words written don’t explore the whole idea of being a Romanian and i think that foreigners don’t understand us completely and they only pick up some cliches. Even me, when i’m asked about my people i don’t know exactly if i should give the official statement (hospitality, simple people..) or try to explain and maybe even justify some facts. when i’m asked to talk about Romanians i surprise myself with using very strong words, very decisive and explicit, like an attorney in court, who says his final pleading.

I think that (from the countries that I’ve visited and many people of different nationalities that I’ve talked to) Romanians are among the most difficult nationality to discover, to understand and explain.  And i’m not referring to culture or education facts, i’m talking about character, fears, strengths, mentality and communist inheritance and the experiences lived for more than 20 years now that changed us and influenced our future selves.

So, i guess that before stupid logos, tv commercials, cheap outdoors, ordinary slogans, expensive and controversial campaigns for Romania, a national brand should be created and promoted by its people, citizens and we first have to decide how we think about us, take a moment and reflect on how we would describe ourselves.

Is it hospitality that defines us? Yeah ..right. where is this hospitality, cause it’s a concept so old and rooted that it has almost lost it’s value and significance somewhere along the way!? I guess we don’t mean couchsurfing or other ways to accommodate tourists or when we have opportunities to accept guests. Maybe we see this hospitality in the countryside, at simple and humble people. But in urban areas, i don’t see this as a trademark, even if my team an I conducted an entire campaign strategy based on Romanian hospitality (funny one though, much exaggerated) at Communication Olympics  to stimulate tourists in Scandinavia to come to Romania . Maybe i will later edit here. but it was under the laws of advertising..a sort of poetical license. 🙂

friendly – yeah right here also. cause we always shake hands or what? i read a study somewhere that says Americans are shocked when they come to Romania and see that we shake hands for almost any reason. We are friendly only when we want. we first are judgemental and then friendly, only if the other person suits our expectations. We are not used to take a person as he is and learn something from every experience, not all of us at least. I see this only happening among the young generation, that has encountered many types of characters while traveling abroad. But most Romanians still think in stereotypes and are under the influence of communist inheritance.

beautiful girls, cheap booze, great clubbing – got that right. :)) or maybe is the cheap booze that influences the other two ?:))) sarcasm noted here

hard working – hard working or hardly working?! hard working is a concept related and used together with the hospitality issue in general. maybe we are hard workers, putting in more sweat than inspiration in finding and cultivating favorable contexts. I also think that Romanians are very flexible and adaptable to every situation.

communist inheritance and the experience of 20 years consumer society – from many bad heritages (from behavior point of view) inherited i want to talk about fear and distrust. We fund ourselves raised (as a nation) to always look around us, always second guess  others, always having a kind of inferior attitude or building an overprotective shield. I always surprise myself looking at people getting in the public transport in order to catch their distrustful and query eyes looking for any sign of territorial interruption from behalf of others around them. they keep their purses close and tight in front of themselves. Take the daily example of me: i’m always looking around when i step off the car, open the trunk or smth, always with the fear that somebody might see what’s inside and smash my car afterwords. This ..situation really happened to a close friend a couple of weeks ago in the overrated – Historical Center of Bucharest. That’s sick! i kept in mind that this could happen, but i didn’t take it for serious consideration actually..until really happened.

What is normal for us (to be careful that something bad could happen) is very abnormal to foreigners that don’t even take into consideration this probability. Two years ago in Switzerland there was a store with all kinds of holiday decorations for outdoors. The store was closed, but boxes with decorations sticking out were kept outside, during the night. for many nights.

And nobody was stressed out cause of that, nothing was stolen and i was wow-ed by “their normality”. cause in “my normality” the boxes outside (even locked) weren’t to be left outside from the very beginning… and that’s only an example. there are many like this. i am completely mystified by the gap in attitude, the difference positive thinking and lack of negative experience are doing!!

not to mention that Romania doesn’t even have such a high rate of criminality. but has a high rate of negativism, misdirected protection and baggage of experiences that spoke for themselves and speak even now.

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Una musica brutal…part 2

27 Nov

Nobody asks you anymore what kind of music you listen to.Some years ago this question was a real trademark. I think most of us are familiar with ASL,PLS thingy. After these two,immediately came “what music do you listen” which was considered a sure cause for ‘elimination’! If you managed ok, beyond this point everything was a piece of cake and a DEFINITELY MAYBE! 😀

Music frenzies are divided nowadays into two categories (especially in Romania): normal people who like music and have developed a music culture. PERIOD. And red necks who like gypsy music.  Please note that this has become an UNDERSTATEMENT in Romania..

We also have GOOD gypsy music, but i’m not talking about this kind, unfortunately.. You don’t really need to have ‘an eye’ for these things to have a look at someone and easily fit him/her in one of these 2 categories above…I’m mostly ashamed by the ‘general’ music in my country because some judge all of us cause we don’t get enough credit to the gypsies and don’t promote their culture…

I for one think that we GAVE and still GIVE TOO MUCH credit and the  trend of positive discrimination is taking over, as it still is wrongly understood. The uneducated part of the society and the general trend of gypsy-ism have transformed Romania into an outrageous and insulting reign of ‘manele’ ..!! (editors note-‘manele’ is the gypsies’ music, but not the traditional and authentic one unfortunately, but the type which combines Balcanic, Oriental, folk music with dance, pop ..well every other types of music we can possibly name. ‘Manele’ genre comes from ethic gypsy communities-‘Rromii’ in Romanian. But this type of can be heard not only in gypsy communities, but in Romanians as well, as it resides in poorer urban and countryside communities)..

i wonder..?

6 Apr

i wonder how, i wonder why, yesterday you’ve told me ’bout the blue blue sky.. 🙂

i wonder:

– when i’ll have the time to select some pics from Switzerland to post here and on deviantart?

– when i’ll be more able to learn that some people won’t change and won’t appreciate more?

– when i’ll have more time for my family and friends?

– when i’ll try harder to see my objectives come true?

– when i’ll convince my parents to support me in buying a motorcycle? (thanks god they’ve accepted my passion and they are ok with riding a motorcycle anywayz..for me buying some time to actually buy one and for them to get used to the idea itself)

– how long i’ll still be reminded that there are distinct people who can leave an obvious mark on somebody’s life the same way one may leave a fingerprint on the scene of the crime?

– when i’ll have more time to dedicate to my hobbies? E.g. photography

– when and how i’ll be totally decided what choices are right for myself?

– when will my friends accept not to spam me for Easter/Christmas/New Years anymooore?! when will they learn that i don’t like that spamming text messages sent to the entire agenda?!
I’ll always prefer to call and talk directly than a copied or even forwarded impersonal text message! some even feel bad and ask me why i didn’t answer them back! What should i do,forward the same text just to be on the same pace? Or maybe that is important for him/her to count another text at the ^collection^ and feel so much ^attention^ ?
Oh well .. i don’t like to be in that stupid collection of copied from the internet and modeled text messages which artificially boost one’s importance and bring easy money to the mobile phone companies!
Not to mention that they might make you feel guilty that you may not be able or JUST DON’T WANT to answer back and be judged for not answering back!

From Nataliedee

why…my blog

26 Nov

i donno why, but i feel like saying once more why i am writing this blog, MY blog and why i have this “tune” playing in my writings. it’s not that i justify or explain myself, but it’s a way in which i notice and pay (needed/un-needed) attention to certain pushing opinions that animate bravely my blog 😀

and..i like that, it reminds me why i’m writing, who i’m writing for and why i’m manifesting this way. all these challenges instigate me in a pleasant and kinda twisted way :))))

and call forth certain feelings when receiving feedback on my blog…this is a thought..i’ve received feedback of many kinds on what i’m writing and the most important how i’m writing it, how people understand the manner  in which i’m revealing my life and experiences. on the principle that feedback is a gift, i’m embracing mine as only a gift should be received 😀  (ah..the maturity in this is overhelming, right? :))

My blog was “born” because i needed to word out my feelings, experiences, the situations that i’m coming across to an extend that i release pressure and intrigue my readers to “find” themselves in my stories or relate to them in order to know me better or why not – know me less.

all these without saying it all, by keeping really personal aspects to myself and to those who relate to me, understand me and want to know me.

I talk about “me” in many ways and situations, by not exactly pointing out who i’m referring to, what i did or even thought about etc. this is for those who are interested in finding out more, by simply asking about the “BEHIND SCENES” and the spicy things.

as i said in a previous post, by simply putting the words down on the blog i sometimes find the right answers, my answers, i review my thoughts and reflect on different matters that are brought to my attention or tell the life experiences that i’m going through.

i do not expect everyone to understand me not i want that. i’m ok with my cyclic writing and with my “managerial skills” developed by writing. (different feedback)

First of all i’m writing for myself and if others are interested in my blog, feel free to read it and share opinions that are gladly welcomed, no matter what. This blog offers the means to express myself in all the ways that I am and that others discover me.

it’s not necessary to talk about a,b,c,d or smth like this in order to really put myself there, out on the table. My way it’s even more provocative and challenging, feeding the imagination and the reality-like comparisons.

it’s like “the images in the mirror are closer than they apper” or “any resemblance to reality is purely coincidence” :)))


28 Jan

Am avut saptamana asta niste revelatii: am realizat ca au loc atatea schimbari in jurul meu, ca exista tot atatea semne de maturizare din partea mea si a celorlati prin faptul ca simt atatea diferente intre generatii, intre stiluri si asteptari de (la) viata. Am trecut prin sentimente de depasire, melancolie, apreciere, admiratie si fericire la compatimire. De vreme ce “nu stiu altii cum sunt” a devenit asa un cliseu, ce bine pica sa il folosesc acum..

So, nu stiu altii cum sunt, dar zilele trecute, in urma unei discutii cu prietena Miu Miu aka Alinuta, am realizat subit urmatoarele: ca mi-e dor de copilarie, ca mi-e dor de perioada cand nu aveam nicio grija decat saritul gardului de la liceu ca sa chiulesc si ca mi-e dor de tinutul scaunului in amfiteatru in facultate si de grupul “fetelor cu caiet mecanic”.

Amintirea copilariei este atat de vie si roz, incat ieri noapte am visat cele mai frumoase momente, de parca fiecare clipa a iesit la suprafata si am realizat cat de repede a trecut timpul si ca as mai vrea sa copilaresc cat mai mult, sa nu ma maturizez si sa opresc timpul.

Acum cateva luni vroiam sa plec in afara la master, eram hotarata. Stiam ca nu m-as duce sa invat mai mult decat as invata aici, ci sa ma distrez, sa imi fac prieteni noi si sa mai copilaresc un pic, sa imping cat mai incolo in timp maturizarea, grijile jobului si ale real life-ului.  M-am sucit din motive evidente, am revenit un pic cu picioarele pe pamant ca deh, cica era timpul…

Dar inca continui sa fac lucruri care, in mod evident, sa imi ofere satisfactia ca am mai impins un pic timpul maturizarii depline, ca sunt libera in gandire si vise, ca fac ceea ce fac din placere, ca am prieteni iubitori cat pentru o viata,  ca ma distrez mai mult decat ar trebui poate, ca profit de timp la maxim.

Trebuie sa recunosc ca in multe privinte ale vietii mele sunt hedonista si nu gasesc nimic peiorativ in asta. Sunt de parere ca oamenii au inceput sa duca in general o viata mult prea materialista, orientata catre un utilitarism extrem, care duce la uniformizare si depersonalizare si nu sunt de acord cu asta. De ce sa iti ignori si negi anumite placeri care te individualizeaza, doar pentru ca asa este ..mai bine sau asa iti va fi ..mai bine intr-un viitor nedefinit?

Nu mai avem timp fizic de noi, timp de joaca, timp de copilarie, timp … de imediat, ci mereu trebuie sa ai in minte doar viitorul, cu riscul sa nu mai traiesti deloc in prezent. E normal ca trebuie sa ai in considerare si viitorul, dar de cele mai multe ori uiti sa te bucuri de ce iti poate oferi prezentul.

Daca e ceva ce am invatat din experientele de anul trecut (unele bune, altele rele, dar care au condus la bine ca am stiut sa traiesc in prezent cand a trebuit) este ca e bine sa apreciem, sa ne bucuram si sa traim la maxim fiecare clipa, sa cautam sa castigam din fiecare experienta si sa credem mereu ca ceva rau va duce la ceva bun. Aici intervine hedonismul: oricat de multe lucruri ti se par nedrepte, gresite, etc, cauta sa scoti mereu ceva bun, care sa iti aduca placere si satisfactie, ca nu cumva acea experienta sa se iroseasca si sa te iroseasca. Un lucru e bun pentru ca il faci si tu sa fie bun, depinde doar din ce unghi il privesti.

Acum realizez ca sun ca un guide book americanesc si cliseist, dar e probat, analizat si acum – dat mai departe. 🙂

Anyway…am deviat de la subiect. Vroiam sa zic de copilarie, de ce imi aduc eu aminte cu placere, lucruri despre care atunci cand vorbesc, mereu ma trezesc ca imi lasa un zambet larg pe fata si o privire tampa de copil cretin.

Sigur ati observat cat de mult s-a schimbat lumea, iar eu cel mai mult mi-am dat seama din lumea reflectata prin copii din ziua de azi. Nu vreau sa sun ca o baba, dar senzatia mea este ca nu mai stiu sa se bucure cu adevarat de anii copilariei, nu mai trec prin toate etapele si pierd toata distractia veritabila a copilariei. Nu pot sa zic ca eu imi aduc aminte chestii rele din perioada comunismului ca eram mica si oricum familia mea era ok. Ceva de genul ca stateam la cozi la lapte de ex, dar si acasa aveam portocale si masinute pe telecomanda. Deci oricum nu ma plang. Dar nu vorbesc de distractiile astea, ci de distractiile ieftine, care nu te costau nimic si ofereau tot. Am fost un copil nastrusnic, saream imediat unde era vorba de 10 10 gardiana 10, tara tara vrem ostasi, ratele si vanatorii, frunza si de-a v-ati ascunselea sau leapsa pe coco. Ma jucam cot la cot cu baietii fotbal in spatele blocului sau bidonasul si, consecinta – niste genunchi de baietoi, cu julituri peste tot si maini rupte la lapte gros. Acum copii se joaca FIFA pe PSP/Wii/PC/XBOX si altele. Daca intrebi un copil de 10 ani cum se joaca Frunza se uita la tine crucis si se duce acasa, cauta pe Google si apoi intra linistit in retea si joaca Counter. Zona blocului meu este impanzita de copii. Acum ceva ani toata lumea iese in fata/spatele blocului si se juca, faceam cazemate din zapada, intindeam patura si ne jucam. Sau altii, ca mine, faceau cornete si tevi si alergau betivii de la scara cealalta cu liftul…Acum nu e nici tipenie de copil la joaca, nici macar in weekend sau vara. E trist.

Tin minte cum ma bucuram la Tropicana sau TEC si ciocolata Africana. Am mai prins si gumele Brooklyn si Turbo, care mestecai pana maine cauciucul ala, luai in prostie gume, doar doar sa iti cada surpriza pe care nu o aveai. Faceam colectii de surprize si schimburi, acum se dau la schimb cheat-uri de GTA sau mai stiu eu ce alt joc. Gaseam cele mai ciudate locuri sa ne ascundem, tabaram in tractor la Cami (:)) si ne ascundeam si atasam pe flancuri, avand avantajul inaltimii :))  acum luptele se dau cu orci, printese virtuale si altele, pentru resurse si teritorii.

Nici nu se mai aud rasete sub balcon la mine – inainte se strangeau aici copii vara pe patura-, acum isi spun doar LOL pe mess si cu asta basta, invata messu inainte sa invete sa scrie. Noi ne ceream prietenia, mergeam la bairam sau chefuri si ascultam si uitam la desene rusesti si bulgaresti, parca aveau sens, desene cu globule albe si rosii, educative acum sunt niste prostii violente si dublate, ca nu cumva sa solicite si mai mult…mergeam la film la Luceafarul si Favorit, imi amintesc si acum ce emotii m-au trecut cand am vazut Titanicul la Favorit. 🙂

E trist si imi pare rau ca nu simt si ei copilaria veritabila, buba facuta la lapte gros, apa diluata de la TEC, ci doar febra musculara la degete de la joystick. Nu mai stiu sa aprecieze si sa evalueze. E normal sa vrei ca odrasla ta sa nu treaca prin neajunsurile tale si sa fie totul mai simplu pentru ea, dar chiar atat de simplu?!

Avem o tara, avem alegeri…cum procedam?!?

30 Nov

Avem o tara, avem alegeri…cum procedam?!?

Cand s-a facut publica lista de colegii uninominale Bucuresti mi-am zis: Ah ok, o sa fie usor de gasit… dar cum trebuie sa fiu surprinsa mereu cand ceva mi se pare usor, prima mea experienta pentru aflarea colegiului din care fac parte a fost cu ceva timp in urma si s-a terminat greu si dureros…

Dupa indelungi cautari pe Google (trimiteri catre site-uri ale unor ziare, dar niciun site oficial) am ajuns la disperare. Nu mai zic ca la primele cautari nu tu alegeri uninominale din noiembrie 2008, ci alegerile locale din iunie ..2008.. liste colegii, candidati – ioc.

Intr-un final, s-a strigat BINGO! Dau peste site-ul BEC (deloc printre primele rezultate pe Google). Click pe Bucuresti! FATALITATE – se deschide un PDF de 48 PAGINI, SCANATE DIN MONITORUL OFICIAL! Realizez repede ca SEARCH-ul NU FUNCTIONEAZA LA … O POZA de fapt..doh..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Rezultat: tasta Page Down blocata si nervi intinsi la maxim! Cand chiar credeam ca distractia s-a terminat, am avut “indrazneala” sa aflu si cine candideaza in colegiul meu!

evident, nu am gasit pe scan-ul din MO…

so…Google it again and again and again


nope…lista candidati pe fiecare colegiu-cucu

intr-un final gasesc o lista, un site neoficial. Eu, sector 5, Colegiul 23 Camera Deputatilor, 10 pentru Senat. La Senat, mai treaca mearga. La CD..niste neica-nimeni pentru mine la mai toate partidele…inclusiv azi, ziua alegerilor. Campanie la mine in sector, ce am vazut doar pentru Senat. La CD nu s-au mai obosit.

Concluzie: daca nu ai net, nervi de otel, ochi de vultur si rabdare cu nemiluita, ce faci?! Din pacate, ignorance is bliss…si tare buna e vorba lui Badea: Traim in Romania si asta NE OCUPA TOT TIMPUL!

Campanie la mine in sector again: telefoane la miez de noapte de la roboti, cadouri electorale de prin dube, pensionari care se bat pentru pungi “electorale”,  mese “electorale” la restaurante, sms-uri afise rupte si mazgalite, campanii murdare si negative.

Am votat. Acum…Dumnezeu cu mila.

Oricum e o tactica ca nu ni s-au dezvaluit candidatii si a fost o abrambureala menita sa te scoata din minti si sa renunti la ..a te informa. Vot uninominal..doar cu ..numele… ca ajungi la urne si tot partidul preferat il alegi, indiferent de candidatul care de cele mai multe ori ramane un cvasi-necunoscut chiar si pentru cei care doresc sa se informeze! Cam cati or fi apelat la net ca sa afle macar cine candideaza? Oare in mediul rural cum o fi functionat…informarea?!?

Independence – can’t live without it, can’t live with it

1 Apr

Ce trebuie sa faci pentru ca o relatie sa dureze? Ce deosebeste o relatie de o relatie one of a kind?

De ce lumea considera obisnuinta a fi ceva rau? De ce nu poate fi o etapa?

Eh, ii si auzi pe multi care spun ca de fapt nu iubesti, “esti obisnuit”! WTF?

E logic sa te obisnuiesti langa cineva. De cand se considera asta a fi ceva rau? De ce oamenii ii dau asa o nuanta peiorativa acestui cuvant care pana la urma exprima o realitate care da, uneori nu ne convine, dar este cat se poate de veridica. Dupa un timp te obisnuiesti. E in natura oamenilor sa faca la fel CE LE PLACE si CE II FACE SA SE SIMTA BINA SI SA FIE “EI”.

Intr-o relatie e la fel. Nu poti avea mereu fluturasii de inceput. Fluturasii se transforma in siguranta. Ajungi sa te cunosti, sa va cunoasteti, iar dragostea devine o stare permanenta, neperceptibila. Dupa mult timp dragostea nu dispare neaparat, dar probabil ca a disparut capacitatea mintii de a o percepe.

Nu iti poti explica un asa sentiment print-un cuvant mai uzat si mai prost inteles ca “obisnuinta”.

Cel mai greu e sa dezobisnuiesti nu de persoana neaparat, ci de ajutorul dat de acea persoana, de cum te simti si ce faceati impreuna. Stiai ca poti conta pe cineva si cand te trezesti fara ajutorul cuiva – atunci te loveste.

E un sentiment ciudat, de nedefinit. Cand reusesti sa termini ceva fara ajutorul cuiva, te simti bine ca ai reusit singura. Ca esti independenta. Esti multumita de sine, dar tot lipseste ceva. Lipseste acel ceva alaturi de care sa te bucuri de succesul tau. Si invers e la fel.

Da, esti OBISNUIT cu ceva si cineva. De ce sa ne fie frica sa folosim cuvantul asta?

Asa cum esti obisnuit sa bei cafea cu lapte in fiecare dimineata si nu e privita rau obisnuinta asta! Si la un moment dat iti e dor de obisnuita!

Te obisnuiesti sa contezi pentru/pe cineva.