Paris avec les filles!

23 Mar

Les ingredients clés pour une escapade magnifique à Paris:

  1. Paris au printemps
  2. 4 filles
  3. soirées mélomanes & dansantes
  4. photos
  5. mini-jupes & talons hauts /ballerines
  6. Paris la nuit
  7. promenades le long de la seine – champagne, chocolat, crepes
  8. nouveaux amis
  9. pique-niquer dans les parcs
  10. bonne humeur!!

PS:  J’ai trouvé quelques bons conseils sur – – génial!

Les actualités et commentaires à venir prochainement!

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Paris (Ooh La La)

Envie de paris

8 Mar

prochainement – Paris escapade avec les filles 🙂

through a theater phase

3 Feb

from the creators of “a NICE per day”…. :)))

I guess i’m going through a theater phase these couple of weeks. Although I did some dabbling in theatre a couple of years ago, i haven’t thought of myself as a frequent theatre goer.  i’m more of a movie-person than a theater-person, but not because i don’t love plays as much as films, but it’s actually a strive to catch a good and honest ticket at the theater nowadays. it’s quite a hunting experience.

I love the feeling at the exit from a play. is very different, like the play itself was a marvel and you must behold it as long as you can. everything is so life like and you can probably find yourself in most of the situations depicted..i realise that theatre is so rich in what it offers and i guess, when i’m going, that i’m kinda envious on their world all together, but glad to be a part of it for a while and catch that feeling of “the world’s a stage..”

movie nights are always fun when Orange Wednesdays happens and you can see all the cinemas full and crowded…for a Wednesday night. Theatres are just as full and getting a ticket is a time costing adventure, but when you think of it, can make worth your while much more than a movie does, theater can reflect ideas and situations in a way that the film and tv industries simply can not.  And suddenly, after hunting the theatre ticket so much and looking forward to some play, it even becomes oddly affordable 🙂

So, i think i came across an addiction or something, i can’t help myself looking for more tickets at different plays:)

in the last month or so i’ve seen:

Doctori de femei – great comedy of situations, yet very unusual location for a play; freakish audience (not really theater goers, but the ones who enjoy very-easy-to-digest comedy TV shows). the end of the play finds you in high spirits. so that’s a real push to go and see it.

Crima la Howard Johnson – ok for a play, a little lower on jokes than the previous one. same location which is a turnoff in some way

Fantoma, dragostea mea! – seen it on a going-out-with-my-mom night 🙂 definitely a nice and easy play, full of humor. the actors are great, in fact Marius Florea Vizante kinda surprised me throughout the play, a remarkable acting experience ! the play made me feel exultantly joyful. seen it at the only project based theater in Bucharest, Metropolis.

and ..coming up next (i have already tickets for):

Straini in noapte – to be continued


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a “nice” per day

24 Jan

Saturday (last weekend) when i got up i stared at the snowfall for a couple of minutes, gazing at the snowflakes and how they touched the window.  and then i realised “gosh, how i missed this moment and nearly missed it again. literally!” afterwords, i fell asleep more calm and lighthearted than ever. rarely we take some time for ourselves and for the world around us. we take everything for granted and don’t have the time to enjoy the beautiful things that are laid in front of us, just as that. we crave for the most twisted and complicated things that some kind seem beautiful to us and amazing and ignore what’s THERE, NEAR, for us to take.

so that was my nice thing for the weekend. in fact, was the nicest among other nice happenings 🙂

so,  i launch a new category on my blog – A ‘nice’ per day.

my thoughts exactly

8 Jan

why do we always have to be reminded about enjoying and loving simple things in life and about being optimistic and seeing what’s around us?

why are we keep forgetting what we love, what we see, who we are?

i often say the same thing. embrace yourself as you are and see beyond. be authentic and truly be who you are ..

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Una musica brutal…part 2

27 Nov

Nobody asks you anymore what kind of music you listen to.Some years ago this question was a real trademark. I think most of us are familiar with ASL,PLS thingy. After these two,immediately came “what music do you listen” which was considered a sure cause for ‘elimination’! If you managed ok, beyond this point everything was a piece of cake and a DEFINITELY MAYBE! 😀

Music frenzies are divided nowadays into two categories (especially in Romania): normal people who like music and have developed a music culture. PERIOD. And red necks who like gypsy music.  Please note that this has become an UNDERSTATEMENT in Romania..

We also have GOOD gypsy music, but i’m not talking about this kind, unfortunately.. You don’t really need to have ‘an eye’ for these things to have a look at someone and easily fit him/her in one of these 2 categories above…I’m mostly ashamed by the ‘general’ music in my country because some judge all of us cause we don’t get enough credit to the gypsies and don’t promote their culture…

I for one think that we GAVE and still GIVE TOO MUCH credit and the  trend of positive discrimination is taking over, as it still is wrongly understood. The uneducated part of the society and the general trend of gypsy-ism have transformed Romania into an outrageous and insulting reign of ‘manele’ ..!! (editors note-‘manele’ is the gypsies’ music, but not the traditional and authentic one unfortunately, but the type which combines Balcanic, Oriental, folk music with dance, pop ..well every other types of music we can possibly name. ‘Manele’ genre comes from ethic gypsy communities-‘Rromii’ in Romanian. But this type of can be heard not only in gypsy communities, but in Romanians as well, as it resides in poorer urban and countryside communities)..

Una musica brutal…

26 Nov

First of all i would like to saythat staying at home these couple of days got me thinking to past times and the music i was listening a couple of years ago, the clubs i was frequenting, the friends/ the gang i was with etc. Yesterday i cleaned my iTunes Library and made myself a playlist of all time favorite songs I like to hear from time to time, arranged the albums and so on.. and i realized how much my taste in music has changed over the years. I always considered myself having the music culture ‘running through my veins’ and, depending on the mood i was in, i listened to a certain genre. Music is a culture that greatly reflects our way of being, our character and disposition.

I remember how i used to listen to music in high school and, the iPod is stuck somewhere in the car, used only when at gym or when out of town. Radio in the car, radio at work 90% of time. In (high) school we gave each other tapes and later on CDs of favorite music, we made mix tapes with songs we loved and put in a special order just to say/express something we couldn’ was used then like a way of bounding a lot greater than it is today. Maybe because of the access we now have to music, maybe music is now too common and the tastes are too shallow..If you ask someone now what kind of music he listens, he maybe will give you an answer, but a really general one because ‘he likes many types of music”.

If you asked me especially in the last years of high school and first years of college, i spitted out at least one douzen Djs and several genres of electronic music that many even hadn’t heard about. I surprised then as i also took pleasure in listening rock for example. Back then we all were divided: rockers, hip hoppers, electonic music freaks or so on 🙂 Now the music is more refined and some may say that ‘you can even dance on it’ :)). our music at least!

So, i gave myself the courage to make a list of my mega giga extra favorite songs and put them in a special playlist which combines NOW with BACK THEN

Placebo – Running up that hill; Battle for the sun, Every you, every me ; Infra red;

Tiesto – Beautiful things, Adagio for strings, Love comes again

Armin van Buuren – In and out of love, Fine without you

Hurts – Wonderful Life, Illuminated

30 seconds to mars – Kings and queens, Closer to the edge

Phantom Planet – California

Red Hot Chili Papers – Californication, Scar Tissue, Under the bridge, Can’t stop

Deftones-diamond eyes

Sheryl Crow – Behind blue eyes

Gogol Bordello – Start wearing purple; Immigraniada ; Pala Tute; Think Locally, Fuck Globally

Scorpions – Winds of change

Empire of the Sun – Walking on a dream

Gotan Project – Una musica brutal

The Eagles – Hotel California

Death cab for cutie – Soul meets body

Breaking Benjamin – Diary of jane, Blow me away

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven

U2 – With or without you, One, Sweetest Thing

Guns ‘N Roses – Sweet child of mine; November Rain

The Killers – Read my mind, When you were young

Pink Floyd – Another brick in the wall; Wish you were here, Comfortably Numb, One of these days

MGMT – Kids

Urma – Terminus, Buy me with a coffee

Manchester orchestra – I’ve got friends

Muse – Undisclosed desires, Resistance

(verrrryyyyy harddd to choose only a few songs) So, i reserve the right to continue the list :))

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