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..Romania doesn’t even have such a high rate of criminality. but has a high rate of negativism

21 Oct

I’ve always told myself that i wouldn’t talk about Romanians, i should refrain from this discussion. About Romania yes, but about Romanians – no, words written don’t explore the whole idea of being a Romanian and i think that foreigners don’t understand us completely and they only pick up some cliches. Even me, when i’m asked about my people i don’t know exactly if i should give the official statement (hospitality, simple people..) or try to explain and maybe even justify some facts. when i’m asked to talk about Romanians i surprise myself with using very strong words, very decisive and explicit, like an attorney in court, who says his final pleading.

I think that (from the countries that I’ve visited and many people of different nationalities that I’ve talked to) Romanians are among the most difficult nationality to discover, to understand and explain.  And i’m not referring to culture or education facts, i’m talking about character, fears, strengths, mentality and communist inheritance and the experiences lived for more than 20 years now that changed us and influenced our future selves.

So, i guess that before stupid logos, tv commercials, cheap outdoors, ordinary slogans, expensive and controversial campaigns for Romania, a national brand should be created and promoted by its people, citizens and we first have to decide how we think about us, take a moment and reflect on how we would describe ourselves.

Is it hospitality that defines us? Yeah ..right. where is this hospitality, cause it’s a concept so old and rooted that it has almost lost it’s value and significance somewhere along the way!? I guess we don’t mean couchsurfing or other ways to accommodate tourists or when we have opportunities to accept guests. Maybe we see this hospitality in the countryside, at simple and humble people. But in urban areas, i don’t see this as a trademark, even if my team an I conducted an entire campaign strategy based on Romanian hospitality (funny one though, much exaggerated) at Communication Olympics  to stimulate tourists in Scandinavia to come to Romania . Maybe i will later edit here. but it was under the laws of advertising..a sort of poetical license. 🙂

friendly – yeah right here also. cause we always shake hands or what? i read a study somewhere that says Americans are shocked when they come to Romania and see that we shake hands for almost any reason. We are friendly only when we want. we first are judgemental and then friendly, only if the other person suits our expectations. We are not used to take a person as he is and learn something from every experience, not all of us at least. I see this only happening among the young generation, that has encountered many types of characters while traveling abroad. But most Romanians still think in stereotypes and are under the influence of communist inheritance.

beautiful girls, cheap booze, great clubbing – got that right. :)) or maybe is the cheap booze that influences the other two ?:))) sarcasm noted here

hard working – hard working or hardly working?! hard working is a concept related and used together with the hospitality issue in general. maybe we are hard workers, putting in more sweat than inspiration in finding and cultivating favorable contexts. I also think that Romanians are very flexible and adaptable to every situation.

communist inheritance and the experience of 20 years consumer society – from many bad heritages (from behavior point of view) inherited i want to talk about fear and distrust. We fund ourselves raised (as a nation) to always look around us, always second guess  others, always having a kind of inferior attitude or building an overprotective shield. I always surprise myself looking at people getting in the public transport in order to catch their distrustful and query eyes looking for any sign of territorial interruption from behalf of others around them. they keep their purses close and tight in front of themselves. Take the daily example of me: i’m always looking around when i step off the car, open the trunk or smth, always with the fear that somebody might see what’s inside and smash my car afterwords. This ..situation really happened to a close friend a couple of weeks ago in the overrated – Historical Center of Bucharest. That’s sick! i kept in mind that this could happen, but i didn’t take it for serious consideration actually..until really happened.

What is normal for us (to be careful that something bad could happen) is very abnormal to foreigners that don’t even take into consideration this probability. Two years ago in Switzerland there was a store with all kinds of holiday decorations for outdoors. The store was closed, but boxes with decorations sticking out were kept outside, during the night. for many nights.

And nobody was stressed out cause of that, nothing was stolen and i was wow-ed by “their normality”. cause in “my normality” the boxes outside (even locked) weren’t to be left outside from the very beginning… and that’s only an example. there are many like this. i am completely mystified by the gap in attitude, the difference positive thinking and lack of negative experience are doing!!

not to mention that Romania doesn’t even have such a high rate of criminality. but has a high rate of negativism, misdirected protection and baggage of experiences that spoke for themselves and speak even now.

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FAIR (..enough) Moarte lui Cupidon :)

11 Feb

Like fashion

Like MGB

Like art

Now – like ARK 🙂

Delia….app de ce te plangeai? e foarte fain


Date with the city

28 Mar

Nu cred ca as putea sa plec vreodata din Bucuresti. Sau nu neaparat din Bucuresti, ci dintr-un oras CA Bucuresti!

Daca as pleca m-as duce tot intr-un oras mare, agitat, plin de claxoane, dar colorat! Mai colorat decat Bucurestiul!

Aseara si Bucurestiul mi s-a parut colorat! L-am redescoperit. Parca nu mai aud chiar asa de multe claxoane, nu mai vad atat de multe cladiri gri si trafic infernal. Apropo de postul trecut, cred ca s-a schimbat pt mine 🙂 Sau il vad eu diferit. Am trait sa o vad si pe asta!

In fiecare seara descopar locuri noi si dragute de hang out! Cel de aseara nu a fost chiar nou, dar a fost kindda cute! Chic, funny si cute:)

Charme a avut sarmul lui aseara! just because:

Gasca super.

Mancare multa, buna si, in final, scumpa 🙂

Supa crema de legume si paine cu unt 😀

Misto cat cuprinde. Gogosi de la bunici.

Planuri pentru seara urmatoare si un weekend viitor … in gasca 🙂

“1-0 pentru mine.”

Chelner nice si…inghetata de ciocolata si fructe de padure “pe sub masa”.

“Formidabilul … care in final s-a dovedit not so “Formidabil” => se pare ca Charlie Sheen a mai jucat si in alte filme :))) funny eu imi amintesc doar asta si “Two and a half men”

Ingrediente pentru o seara relaxanta de logout dupa serviciu!

so, great date with the city and my friends!!


2 ore…cu folos

16 May

Astazi am ajuns teoretic pana la Brasov. Practic, am ajuns pana la Unirii. In 2 ore si 10 min.

Nu cred ca am mai vazut asa ceva in viata mea. Ambele sensuri de mers blocate, politisti in deriva, tramvaie vreo 5 la rand, claxoane de refulare. Astazi s-a inchis oficial drumul in jurul Palatului Parlamentului. Si pe unde sa o iei spre oras, ai trei iesiri din partea 13 septembrie: Drumul Sarii, Calea Rahovei si prin Centrul Civic. Calea Rahovei a fost pur si simplu sufocata. Deci am stat in mijlocul intersectiei 20 min dupa ceas! Nu aveai unde sa te duci, iar din 2 in 2 politisti, care erau oricum depasiti de situatie.

Eu azi ma duc sa-mi cumpar bicicleta, ca nu mai tine. Rolele pentru mine nu sunt o solutie, ca am teren accidentat pe acolo.