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All the world’s a playground and all the men and women are merely players

15 Dec

Recipe for a live multi-player game – as seen in the exciting and flow-creating Game Design Lab 1.0

How much time it will take to prepare: 48 hours challenge

An ordered list of preparation steps

-listen and acknowledge the word “FLOW”. you won’t understand if somebody tries to explain it to you. You’ll feel it when it comes. It’s like when you ask somebody how is like to be in love :)))

– get to know the other designers on the playground

– find out what are their games

– enjoy the fact that you aren’t alone in this game design thingy and there are others ..out there

– chill at the fact that everybody is a little foggy on how things will further develop. You’ll create a live multi player game, in which every player brings and plays…himself.

– discover the hero sitting next to you and his superpowers

– find a way to jump start the design (we know that you have some inspiring people around you and discussions and ideas will overflow. that’s the idea – part of the FLOW)

– establish the basic scenario, what’s the theme of the game, the red-wire

– participate in game design councils!

– create a great story line, one that you are looking forward to experience live

– consider level design, play mechanics

– bear in mind that even if the game design gives you an intense experience, ideas and next steps will be best discovered by accident and by actually…playing the game

– it’s ok that when playing to feel a healthy and inspiring sense of competition – also part of the FLOW

– afford enough play time

The required ingredients:

– open minded and inspiring players

– a creative environment – try another planet (our case HOME Matache)

– quests and challenges to undertake

– a play-face and colored mind

– smart phones – haha :)))

– superpowers, heroes

– desires and ideas on how to make the world a better place and to save the world from cavities :))

– breakfast, beer and cocktails

– gaming instructions and game design councils :))

– adrenaline, vibe and energy to go

The number of servings: 30 + players

The texture and flavour: chewy design, crispy fun, flow flavour, cocktail colors

When you are finished you’ll have a nice taste of game design, an exquisite feeling of accomplishment of being part of the game. A rewarding experience and the start of …a beautiful friendship :))

Our game levels:

– The future good-doing society – inside games: discover your superhero by asking questions (yes/no answers) ; imagine the future society: sexy city, green buildings, next leaders by making one phrase per team, including some funny words

– Create your city map – get outhere! several checkpoints with QR codes, catch as many as you can. Photographs on your way: social issue, touristic attraction and local business.

– Urban trolling and quest endeavours – put you mind and social capital at work! make people smile, find a stranger’s story, find hot spots which can be turned into urban art. bring videos and photographs as evidence.

– Cocktail lab – create THE Cocktail. first make the teams’ inventories and negociate with other teams for exchanges. What’s the catch? Only by asking questions!

Thanks to playmakers industries, you guys rocked! And thanks to all the players who made this awesome game happen!

See ya soon on the playground!

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