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New place to call it HOME

7 Feb

Yeah! today you witness the beginning of a beautiful relationship. it’s high time for me to admit that i have a steady relationship. with my blog :)) another milestone. so, i now give you my new and improved blog – (this blog will no longer be updated)

For some of you, i have a special request – please update the links on your sites with the new address of my blog.

Come and visit for now, i have cookies :D-


Book day

31 Aug

I’ve seen lately that i don’t have enough time to read and sometimes when i feel like reading i don’t find smth really suited for exactly that moment. it’s bullshit and i realized yesterday it’s a lame excuse i keep telling myself as my nightstand (not to mention book stand) is  filled with already read books or ready to be read..

so, i needed a bump.

Starting today i enact a day per month or  every two months (it depends on how many books i bought last time and finish) to buy books!  online or from a book store. nevermind.  so, today was my first BOOK DAY and i spoiled myself by spending on two books! 😀

It will take a while until my order is here, but the books worth waiting. Anyway, i still have to finish the final chapter of  “Porno” by Irvine Welsh.

Book day 1:

  • What would Google do? here
  • God Explained in a Taxi Ride here


– for finding good reviews and recommendations on books, check out Bookblog!

– for buying and also supporting social campaigns to encourage reading and so on, check out The World Changing Shop.  by bookblog.

Later edit

– for listening to interesting people talking about their favorites books, check out the Bookmark Project

relationship on. relationship off. hair and Fb status – checked!

21 Apr

i must admit that almost daily i’m surprised how much the social-networking sites changed our lives. it may sound platonic, but we need more and more (and acknowledge that need) to tell people (real friends/acquaintances, Fb friends, maybe to our entire 500+ list..etc) what we do that exact moment, what’s going through our pretty little heads, where we are, who we are with in terms of mates, what we recommend, job related twits and status updates…and the ‘new and exciting trend’ to reveal who we have a relationship with!

i mean come on! i’m a fan for putting myself ‘there’, so anyone can read my blog, see my pics, keep track of my status updates… I’m ok with that, that’s who i am, the PR in me needs to communicate, to reveal my experiences and life provocations, my ideas and resolutions.. All of these addressed to whom it may concern, of course..not to mention that is mainly and foremost a selfish way to escape of everything that crosses my mind, by writing it down.

I can live with news updates, simple posting..and enjoy them..but should i change my status the minute i’m in a relationship so everyone can see and know that? should i keep it simple by not mentioning anything at all? or should i select single or in a relationship with if that’s the case?

WHY, but why should i do that? why should i have a marital status selected?

Isn’t it enough that my friends keep anywayz track of me and the other people curiosities aren’t that important to me? .. the rest of the Fb “friends” being on “need-to-know basis”?!

there’s a catch in all of them: (not discussing here the engaged and married status-i think they are more plausible and actually more palpable..they are a distinct category namely because the changing of marital status comes when the big change is actually going on!)

– if i state i’m single, it’s clear = i’m looking for somebody and i MUST be known as single and unattached. i’m a party loving character and a some sort relationship seeker, eagerly want to keep all of my options open in order not to miss something on the horizon. Maybe i’ve just got out of a tight and kinda restrictive relationship and NOW i must whistle to everybody that i’m on the market again! surely when i’ll start a new relationship (or at least an attempt for one) and my new gf/bf notices my single status and asks me why i haven’t changed yet – and i say: ‘this old thingy? come on..this means nothing to me, i forgot to change it, baby’, but in fact i’ve delayed the moment of the conversation how long i’ve could.

– if i state i’m in a relationship with...= it means i want to “shout, let it all out, these are the things I CAN’T do without. come on, i’m talking not just to you, but to everybody!” i’m currently unavailable, so don’t you perform any kind of moves on me! i like to keep me and my gf/bf satisfied that he/she is the only one for me. You know, these days girls really dig this kind of “social-networking loyalty”.

– If somebody finally decides that’s high time to have such an in a relationship with .. status maybe he should think of the time when he isn’t in a relationship no more. i’m not pessimistic, nut realistic at the idea of changing from ‘in a relationship with‘ to again ‘single’ strengthens my point one “single status” insight of being on the market again!

Once you’ve acknowledged and announced that you are WITH somebody, you MUST announce again that you are now single, because everyone might remain with the first impression in their heads and you send mixed ideas when you make a hit on smbd!

It’s like putting tones of pics (or just one, the feeling is the same) with your “new and improved” and if the relationship turns 180 you may come to a time when you feel the NEED to pull out from your profile all those once happy-times-pics. not so bad and drastic, but it’s a step you don’t have to make if you didn’t once tigh yourself up when it wasn’t the time. pics there are cute all the way, until they aren’t anymore. simple as that and pointless effort, so i’ve learned..

why it’s so much of a big deal to state your status? isn’t it more simple not saying anything – pleaseee at least give me this! it’s enough that on Fb, twitter, messenger we update and change our status as we change our hair, like in the vodafone ad..but come on, does all my life needs to BE out there?

and no, i’m not using Facebook for reasons other than communicating with friends and be in the loop with their activities, events etc. if that thought crossed your mind! THIS is NOT a reason for selecting and changing your status!! i don’t believe that not so ever!

I don’t hide from others, i purely don’t like that this distinct and important part of my life (either in a relationship or single, both status are important) to be public as well and simply just be displayed there by clicking 2 buttons..

Maybe can be more to it than a status change and maybe a status change again (if you become single again :)). i for one think that “significant others” should feel important and special from other reasons, not a FB status change!

Accidentally i found on Mashable a very funny youtube movie stating how much fashionable is the marital status change!


After seeing plenty of Twittered marriage proposals, but a recent video posted to YouTube takes the cake for the most unconventional Twitter and Facebook updates:

Mac user. Kudos to me!

17 Nov

Hey. My name is Simona and i’m a Mac user! Hello Simona!

I’m totally going to brag in this post. That’s just a forewarning. My first phone conversation and surfing the net for apps, forums and stuff about Mac experience

And no, not a Mc user, but a MacPro user :))

It was love at first sight. It started out like any typical Monday evening. That exact day, on my way home, i heard on the radio a Mac ad something about a sale in .ro shops. I thought this is interesting since i have been thinking about buying a Mac for a couple of weeks and i should check it out.  The surprise was that the Mac came to me in advance, waiting for me at home, in fact. 😀

A new, shinny, 15” MacBook Pro and a Magic Mouse! kudos to me!!! 7 hours battery on a single charge. shinny and silverish 😀 4 giga ram, still so shinny… coafura rezista :)) enough on the technicals.

I’ve always known that it will come to this.. Lately, since i’ve been overwhelmed by info on Mac, i have a dilemma: should i buy Office for Mac or iWorks? I know that all that starts with an “i” it’s better for Mac, but still.. i’m a hard user of office tools and the last thing i need is compatibility problem on i’ll move documents between iWork and MS Office.  i like iWorks obviously a hell out more – it’s easy to use and looks a tonne better that office!

but i’ve heard that if i work in a  cross platform environment, there is simply no better solution than using a Mac version of Office.. even if it will come  as a surprise and maybe is a little upsetting if you are a Mac centric dude. Office is told to make the job more easier and “faster” than it gets iWorks to convert a doc, prepare it for office compatibility.  phiu and as this wasn’t enough, i heard about a third option NeoOffice..?

Anyway, you should get a glimpse on how my blog looks now on Mac 😀

New Mac ad

And i’m on the move!

iReadfaces by Cristian Radu

5 Aug

Vineri, inainte de a pleca la mare, am trecut cu Ruxandra (cu tupeu si curiozitate) pe la Cristian Radu. Cum am ajuns la el si de ce?

Eiii bine, acum ceva timp am inceput sa ma documentez pe net despre proiectele fotografilor romani, ce fac ei si ce as putea sa fac eu diferit. Spre suprinderea mea, nu sunt mult proiecte de acest gen si putine sunt cele care m-au atras si in care m-am regasit, sentimentul acela de invidie un pic ca ei mi-au luat-o inainte. 🙂 Dar asta este un compliment pentru ei, un semn enorm de apreciere 🙂 Normal ca mi-au luat-o inainte ca ei sunt profi si eu doar aspir sa-mi definesc un stil personal in fotografie.

Am citit despre proiectul lui Cristian Radu – iReadfaces si am decis sa il contactez sa ma bag si eu in seama. M-am gandit ca si mie mi-ar placea si m-ar implini (dupa ce se va auzi de proiectul meu) sa vina si la mine oameni doritori sa adere la proiectelul meu, oameni care sa creada si sa ma ajute sa devin mai buna in pasiunea mea si sa exprim emotii, sentimente, personalitati prin fotografiile mele.

Mai multe despre autor si proiect aici. Scopul proiectului este ca aceste portrete sa ajunga sa fie expuse intr-o galerie din care sa reiasa multitudinea  expresiilor si deschiderea oamenilor. Dorinta personala al lui Cristian este ca aceste portrete sa fie puse la avatarul la  Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Prietetenii imi spun ca nu ma caracterizeaza deloc fotografia. eu zambesc mereu, chiar si la poza mi-a fost greu sa nu am un mic suras in coltul gurii.

Imaginea parca e luata din Resident Evil sau e o poza facuta la IML. Imi place 🙂

Ma arata asa cum nu m-am vazut si cum nimeni nu m-a vazut niciodata. Complet eliberata, relaxata, serioasa si grava. Ineditul proiectului este chiar asta, cum reuseste sa scoata in evidenta simplitatea si in acelasi timp expresivitatea fiecarui chip fotografiat. Parca exact in momentul ala te transpui in altcineva fata de cum te cunosti tu si fata de cum te cunosc toti ceilalti.

Am o expresie aspra si grava, asa cum nu prea ma suprind eu de obicei. Nici trista nu sunt asa, gasesc mereu o modalitate de a disimula si de a fi optimista.

Intr-adevar, sunt poze greu de digerat, lipsa de culoare iti induce lipsa de viata, dar in fapt te arata mai “vie” ca niciodata, iti permite sa te uiti prin ochii subiectului si sa vezi mai..departe, o luminita aparte in ochi care iese o data ce ai dat la o parte culoarea, zambetul si imaginea de zi cu zi.

so, go on – Read my face … 🙂

Simona by Cristian Radu

Simona by Cristian Radu

Ruxandra by Cristian Radu

Ruxandra by Cristian Radu

nu, nu am nimic sa va spun! :)))

30 Jul

wtf?! deschid Dashboard-ul la wordpress -> blog stats-> minune mare :))

langa search terms ca: enduro, ktm innamolit…uite ce gasesc 🙂


Prt sc la Blog Stats :))

Prt sc la Blog Stats :))

dupa ce ma minunez, i’ll google it myself! :))))

de la un review de Mad Men la …


Google it!

Google it!

Nebanuite sunt caile Google-ului!

Enjoy enduro si cross!

10 Jul

M-a luat microbul moto cross-ului! M-am decis, pana imi iau ceva de strada, asta e solutia de compromis perfecta!  imi place la nebunie, nu stiam ca mi se potriveste asa tare, eu eram o delicata 🙂 deci abia astept sa ma urc din nou pe TTR si sa ma dau pe coclauri mult mai mult. cred ca si ai mei vor fi mai ingaduitori avand in vedere ca acum exista posibilitatea sa cad doar pe pamant, nu si pe asfalt 🙂 kidding! pana fac rost de bani de hornet sau monster, ma dau pe cross! deja vreau sa imi iau si echipamentul meu de pe ebay ca vad ca sunt ok preturile! de strada am, acum vreau si de cross! Curat microb! 🙂

PS: acum am reluat si Long Way Down, asta ca sa imi fac si mai mult sange rau cand se innoroiesc astia  🙂 astept sa ma intorc din Portugalia si sa vad ce-mi iau!